What is ACT machine?

ACT machine is an electromechanical coagulation microprocessor-controlled tool designed to identify clotting endpoints in fresh, citrated whole blood samples. Clotting time outcomes are presented on the Clot Time Display (CTD) and LCD screens of the instrument. The ACT Plus system offers long-term data storage and recovery, access to preceding patient and test quality data. The result of the test is stored in it. The ability to transfer or save data externally increases the flexibility of the system.

Why ACT machine are used?

ACT is used to monitor treatment with heparin or other anticoagulant medications during cardiovascular, coronary angioplasty, or dialysis.
The ACT Plus machine is useful for all kinds of point of care testing (POCT). It is used in:

  • For Cardiovascular surgery
  • In Hemodialysis units
  • IN Cardiac catheterization laboratories
  • In ICU
  • ECMO
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