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Hospitals store offers a big product range of inflatable single bed at wholesale price. This category's product range includes big brands like "Dr Trust, Romsons, Dr Odin, Accusure, etc". At our online medical product store, we know that your reasons for choosing an anti decubitus air mattress are unique to you. That's why, with the widest range, convenient shopping options, affordable cost, we make sure that you always find what’s perfect for you. Buy pressure sore mattresses online with us, and we will dispatch them the same day or the next day, and before they are dispatched for delivery, all products sourced by us are quality tested. To ensure the safe and timely delivery of dispatched sleep air mattresses or any medical product, we have partnered with reputable courier companies because for us your overall experience of online shopping is as important as the quality of the products. Shop online with all over India free shipping* option. Multiple payment options.

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Which is the best air mattress?
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Air Mattress for Bed Sores with Air Spray for Patient
Giảm 17%
Còn hàng
17,095.68 14,246.40
(Kèm thuế)
Mycare Air Mattress/Bed Sores Prevention System
Giảm 31%
Còn hàng
11,397.12 7,835.52
(Kèm thuế)
Air Splint AS-03 (NISCOMED)
Giảm 14%
Còn hàng
7,123.00 6,126.00
(Kèm thuế)
Dr. Odin AM02 Anti - Bedsore Portable Air Mattress
Giảm 36%
Còn hàng
7,835.52 4,986.24
(Kèm thuế)
AccuSure Anti Decubitus Air Mattress
Giảm 60%
Còn hàng
5,999.00 2,399.00
(Kèm thuế)
Romsons Sorenil Bubble Mattress With Air Pump For Prevention Of Bed Sore
Giảm 14%
Còn hàng
3,500.00 3,000.00
(Kèm thuế)
Romsons Cell Mat Air Mattress With Air Pump For Prevention Of Bed Sore
Giảm 12%
Còn hàng
9,800.00 8,643.00
(Kèm thuế)
Medical Air Mattress
Giảm 18%
Còn hàng
2,600.00 2,135.00
(Kèm thuế)
Tubular Air Mattress
Giảm 20%
Còn hàng
6,600.00 5,259.00
(Kèm thuế)
Rossmax Air Matress Bubble Type
Giảm 56%
Còn hàng
6,900.00 3,051.00
(Kèm thuế)
Dr.Odin Anti-Bedsore Air Mattress OD-02S
Giảm 24%
Còn hàng
4,299.00 3,251.00
(Kèm thuế)
Dr.Odin Anti-Bedsore Air Mattress OD-02
Giảm 29%
Còn hàng
4,495.00 3,201.00
(Kèm thuế)
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