Allengers GEMINI TMT Machine ( Stress test system )

Allengers TMT
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Brand : Allengers 

Model : ADX

Warranty : 1 years


Product Description : 

Product: Treadmill Test (TMT) System , GEMINI A-DX

Gemini Series of stress test systems are designed using state-of-the-art technology and more than 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of medical equipment. Sturdy, in-house designed treadmill and stable base line during stress test are highlights of Allengers TMT.

Special Features:

  • Dual working of Acquisition box - Stress ECG & Resting ECG.
  • User friendly software with-Editable protocols, Online/PDF printing, RR analysis, PVC detection, online Arrhythmia and many more options.
  • Free Lifetime Online Support & S/W up gradation.
  • Optional – Automatic NIBP measurement in AM model.
  • Unlimited no of Protocols (Standard and User Defined).
  • Online update allows user to download the latest software from Allengers server.
  • USB interface which enables the equipment to be used with any desktop/laptop computer.
  • Strong analysis tools with different display types formats.
  • Properly isolated Acquisition box with De-Fib Protection.
  • “Emergency stop” button is provided to stop treadmill motion in case of emergency.
  • Digitally signed driver with lots of user editable or defined settings.
  • Wireless Acquisition: - Light-weight with small body level acquisition removes the artifacts due to patient motion using small lead lengths.
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