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Descriptionof Anesthesia Workstation :-

An anaesthetic machine (British English) or anesthesia machine (American English) is a medical device used to generate and mix a fresh gas flow of medical gases and inhalational anaesthetic agents for the purpose of inducing and maintaining anaesthesia. Browse a big collection of Boyles Apparatus, Anesthesia machine and more.

What are the types of Anaesthesia machine ?

Most Common type of Anaesthesia Machine Used in Hospitals

         (i) Continuous – Low flow anaesthesia machine

         (ii) “Boyle,s machine

         Which is designed to provide an accurate supply of medical gases mixed with an accurate

         Concentration of anaesthetic vapour and to deliver this continuously to the patient at a 

          Safe pressure and flow.

What are Anaesthesia workstation accessories ?
  • Breathing circuit
  • Anesthetic Vaporiser
  • Oxygen and N2O tubing
  • Oxygen cylinder
  • soda Lime Canister
  • Anesthesia Mask
  • Patient anesthesia circuit 
  • Bain Circuit
  • Silicon Bag
  • Scavenger tubing
What are Application and uses of anaesthesia workstation ? 

Anaesthesia machine or workstation are used in the medical application. It is used to give nesthesia Agent to the Patient during surgery. This is also called General anesthesia. Machine is used in the operation theater to keep the patient under deep sleep duringthe operation. An anesthetic doctor operate the machine and do the required setting to give anesthetic agent to the patient   

Top manufacturers and supplier of anaestesia workstation ?
What are Important specification point to consider when to buy anesthesia workstation ?
  • First important point is ventilator performance. Buyer must check about the available ventilation modes in the machine and minimum
  • Tidal volume range. It should be 20ml to 1400ml
  • User also check about the fresh gas compensation.It would be better if the machine has leak compensation for small leaks in the circuits . Now days most of the machine offer these features.
  • Machine should have all Patient safety features like N20 Cutoff ,Hypoxic guard , Alarm system
  • Compact breathing circuit
  • ACGO for Bain circuit application .
  • Provision for Emergency oxygen and N2O Cylinders. 
  • Machine should be easy to use
  • Battery back of the machine
  • Machine spare parts and service should be available in India
Where should we buy anaesthesia workstation ?

There are a lot of way for buying an anesthesia machine. In a old way, you can write to the manufacturer or you can contact to your nearest dealer to find out the options. but these are time consuming and expensive method. Now days ,Most common way to buy anesthesia  machine   is online. You can buy anesthesia machine online from In this way, you can get fast delivery. Low best price and lot of product Models range and option to choose from. 

Anaesthesia workstation price in India ? 

A basic anesthesia machine without ventilator start from Rs. 50,000 (USD 700) and anesthesia workstation start from Rs. 3,60,000  (USD 5000.  The price depends on the machine specifications, Feature, and product brand. High end Anesthesia workstation including AGM monitoring ,BIS and NMT  cost around Rs. 20,00,000 to 38,00,000 ( USD27,800 to USD 50,000)  . 

Where can we find Anaesthesia workstation service and repair services ?

If you want better service and repair in less period of time, you can go to . Hospitals Store offer service and repair service for all type of medical equipments , We have certified and trained team for Anesthesia workstation . 

What are the main parts of  Anaesthesia workstation ?
How Does Anaesthesia Vapourizer Work ?

A Vaporizer (Anaestheic agent or vapor delivery device) changes a liquid anesthetic agent into its vapor and adds a controlled amount of that vapor to the fresh gas flow to the breathing system. Up to three vaporizers are commonly attached to Anaesthesia machine, but only one can be used at a time. 

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