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A binocular microscope is an optical microscope that has two eyepieces. It is used for studying living things, as well as for looking at small objects. The image seen through a binocular microscope is three-dimensional, making it easier to see details than with a compound microscope. This binocular microscope useful for looking at large specimens. The majority of microscopes on the market today are binocular research microscope, although depending on the type of microscope, how the two lenses interact may be different. Binocular optical microscopes are used primarily for biology and medicine. They can be used to look at animal cells, plant cells, bacteria, and more that live in water or on a surface. The lenses and the light source are very important on a binocular laboratory microscope.

Features of Binocular Microscope

  • Binocular Microscope allows users to view the sample in 3D and have a wide field of view.
  • Binocular microscope has two eyepieces, who help to see the wide and clear visual of the sample.
  • The binocular microscope is also equipped with a light source, which illuminates the object and allows the user to see it more clearly. 

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  • Labomed Binocular Microscope

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  • Nikon Binocular Microscope

Nikon is a trustworthy brand in binocular microscope, and it has a long and proud history in laboratory microscope - offering binocular microscope, medical microscope, and more. With help of their binocular microscope, you can see a three-dimensional image, making it easier to see details. With this binocular microscope, it can offer you a close-up view of the sample in front of you. Moreover, it is also very easy to use as you can just focus on the area/sample with a single hand. Nikon binocular microscope has been known for its long-lasting durability and great quality.

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Binocular microscope .

What is the price of binocular microscope in India in March 2023?

The cost of binocular microscope is directly related to the specification and features of the laboratory binocular microscope, and it also depends on the brand you want to buy. Normally, binocular microscope price in India ranges between INR 10K to INR 2.5 lakh. We're dealing with lots of the best binocular light microscope; you can buy your portable binocular microscope at online.

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What are the parts of a binocular microscope?

In the binocular microscope has many parts.

  • Eyepiece
  • Carrying Arm
  • Objective Lens
  • Stage
  • Stage Control
  • Stage Clip
  • Coarse Attention
  • Fine Focus
  • Condenser Adjustment
  • Diaphragm
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How to use a binocular microscope?
  • You should first use your fingertip to contact the offered slide's coverslip to identify it.
  • The slide should be mounted on the microscope's stage with the cover slip facing up and secured with the clip.
  • You should now turn on the light and adjust with the microscope's condenser.
  • The specimen slide should first be fixed using a low objective lens (4X) to align it with the object's line.
  • Now, if you'd like, you can adjust the lens or objective power (10X or 40X).
  • Use the coarse and fine adjustments now. The specimen or slide should first be focused, located, and centred using the coarse adjustment. Use the fine adjustment knob to add clarity after that.
What is the uses of binocular microscope?

The binocular microscope can be used for botanical, biological, investigation, medical, and educational fields.

  • To comprehend the precise composition of the cell and its organelles in animal tissue.
  • Examination of the various types of animal bodily tissue.
  • The forensic evidence is examined.
  • To comprehend various atomic structures and the particular protein structure.
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