Bipap Machine Settings


Bipap machines is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in patients. It is intended for use at home and in hospitals. To operate a bipap machine, there are many bipap machines settings such as bipap mode, bipap pressure, ramp time and more. Your care provider has configured your device for your specific needs, but some time you may find that you want to make minor adjustments in Bipap machine settings to make your therapy more comfortable, so here is a quick guide about settings of bipap machine.

BIpap machine Settings :

 you can personalize your options

Bipap Mode :

In a bipap machine, there are multiple Bipap mode settings to assist the patient's breathing. What should be the BiPAP mode setting this doctor will prescribe to patient. Common modes in a bipap machine are CPAP, S, ST, and T mode.

List of Bipap Machines with Different Modes : 

Ramp Setting : 

Ramp Time is the period during which the pressure rises from a low start pressure to the prescribed treatment pressure, and is intended to make the start of therapy more comfortable. Generally, in all bipap machines, you have the option of setting your Ramp Time to Off or between 5 and 45 minutes but some bipap machines also come with the option of 5-60 minutes.

Bipap pressure settings :

In a bilevel mode, a sleep apnea machine provides 2 pressures, One is IPAP(higher inspiratory positive airway pressure) and the second one is EPAP(lower expiratory positive airway pressure). Average pressure range of Bipap is 4 cm H2O - 25 cm H2o but some Bipap machines have a pressure setting of 2 cm H2o - 30 cm H2O.

  • IPAP Setting : Average pressure range 4 cm H2o - 25Cm H2o
  • EPAP Setting : Average pressure range4 cm H2o - 25Cm H2o

Humidity Level Bipap setting : 

The humidifier is intended to make therapy more comfortable by moistening the air. Increase the humidity if you have a dry nose or mouth. Reduce the humidity if you're getting moisture in your mask. Generally, the humidity level can be set to off or between 1 and 8, with 1 being the lowest humidity Bi pap setting and 8 being the highest humidity setting.

In any BiPAP machine, to set humidity level turn the dial or operate with button to highlight Humidity Level then press the dial to select Humidity level option and turn the dial or use the up down buttons to adjust the humidity level  from minimum level to the highest level, then press the dial/button to save the adjustment.

 [my option > Humidity level>Select humidity level and save]

Mask Fit :

This bipap machine setting is intended to assist you in assessing and identifying potential air leaks around your mask.


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