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philips everflo oxygen concentrator

Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator

Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is a trustworthy and cost-effective device for oxygen therapy. This machine designed and manufactured in such a way that the overall maintenance cost is relatively low. Philips Everflo oxygen concentrator  also searched and known with the name as   Philips everflo ,...

best oxygen concentrator

Best Oxygen Concentrator In India in 2021

Overview If you have breathing disorder or you are a covid-19 patient or you are going through a medical emergency and your doctor has prescribed an oxygen concentrator machine then the first important question in your mind will be that which oxygen concentrator is the best. So there is nothing to worry, let us tell you about the top best...

buyers guide- choose best oxygen concentrator

The Ultimate Buyers Guide about oxygen concentrator- How do choose The Best Oxygen Concentrator in Covid-19 pandemic in 2021?

Overview The demand for oxygen concentrators has increased due to Covid-19. Due to high demand, some Oxygen machine sellers demand the price of their choice, as well as poor quality oxygen concentrators have also come in the market then the first important question in your mind will be that how do I choose an oxygen concentrator? So there is...

Fingertip pulse oximeter

All about pulse oximeter that’s you need to know and how Pulse Oximeters are helping people in Covid-19 pandemic?

Pulse oximeters have become a more prevalent piece of monitoring equipment in most households and healthcare facilities during this COVID-19 pandemic. People are becoming more cautious and worried about safety precautions. However, there are many myths and confusions about incorrect readings due to a lack of proper awareness of the product's...


Oxygen Concentrator machine

What is oxygen concentrator & what is it used for? Oxygen concentrator: An oxygen concentrator is a type of  medical equipment used to provide oxygen to people with breathing-related problems. Specially to the people who have a lower than average concentration of oxygen in their blood also need an...


Top Selling BPL ECG Machine in 2020

Detailed article on BPL ECG Machine models and specifications comparison  : We are writing here about all the BPL ECG Machine models  . We can divide the BPL ECG Machine into below major categories depending on the number of channels machine have 1. BPL ECG Machine Single Channel Models : Cardiart 108T...


What is difference between Single/Three /Six/ Twelve Channel ECG Machine?

Types of ECG Machines and Difference . Single Channel ECG Machine :  Single Channel ECG  machine is basic ECG Machine that prints single ecg waveform /channel at a time. Single channel ECG machine contains one amplifier channel and one recording system. This type ECG Machine's paper has space for only single trace...


What is Cpap Machine and How to use cpap machine ?

CPAP Machine 1. What is cpap machine? Cpap machine is a medical equipment. It give a is a sleep therapy to the patient. Cpap machine is used for the treatment of the sleep apnea . Cpap machine sends a constant flow with a set positive pressure to the patient throat to ensure that airway stay open during the sleep.  It...



Contec CMS 8000 12 inch Patient Monitor : The monitor has very useful features that can be used for ICU clinical monitoring with adult, pediatric and neonate Patients .  Users may select different parameter configuration according to different requirements. The monitor, power supplied by 100-240V ,50/60Hz,...

medical equipment Service

7 Ways to reduce medical equipment service and maintenance cost.

7 ways to reduce medical equipment Service and maintenance cost. Maintenance and service of medical equipment are big challenge for hospitals. It is a major part of any hospital monthly and yearly expenditure budget. Most of the time we notice that the doctor or owner of the hospital is busy in their medical...

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