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foley catheter sizing

The most common type of indwelling urine drainage system is the Foley catheter. The modern Foley catheter has two lumen tubes, one for urinary drainage and the other for balloon inflation. You can inflate the balloon with air or sterile water. It is inflated after catheterization to assist in keeping the catheter in place. Silicone rubber or Latex...


What You Need to Know About Fundus Photography?

Fundus photography may appear to be the most basic of all the diagnostic imaging techniques available. Fundus photography seeks to duplicate what we see in our funduscopic exam, but it can provide more than simply picture evidence. Fundus photography can assist optometrists deliver high-quality and efficient care to their patients by improving detection,...


foley catheter care

A Foley catheter is a device that collects urine from your bladder and drains it into a bag. A tiny balloon filled with fluid is used to keep the catheter in place in your bladder. After your surgery, you can be sent home with a Foley catheter. Your catheter will be attached to a leg bag that is attached to your thigh during the day. You can switch to a...


Foley catheterization

A Foley catheter is a small, sterile tube used to drain urine from the bladder. It's also known as an indwelling catheter because it can be retained in the bladder for a long time. The catheter is kept in place by a balloon at the end that is filled with sterile water to prevent it from being removed. The urine drains into a bag through the catheter...


What are the Different Types of Infusion Pump ?

Infusion pumps are medical devices that help deliver medications, fluids and other treatments to patients. These pumps come in a compact size, and can be used for a variety of purposes. There are several types of infusion pumps available on the market today, each with its own specific features and benefits. Here we are going to discuss different types...


Goldmann and Perkin Tonometer- An Overview

What is Tonometer & what is it used for?  A tonometer is a medical device that is used to measure the intraocular pressure (IOP) of a patient's eye. The device typically consists of a small probe that is inserted into the patient's eye, and a handheld unit that displays the measured pressure. The probe uses the applanation tonometer which is a...


How Do Different Types of Tonometer Work?

Tonometry is a diagnostic procedure in which the pressure inside your eye is detected using a Tonometer, an equipment designed to assess intraocular pressure. Hence, tonometer is considered as intraocular pressure measuring device. This test can help your doctor  determine whether you're at risk for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that can...


What is the difference between BiPAP and CPAP ?

Bipap and CPAP are two types of sleep apnea treatments. Both therapy work by using a sleep apnea machine to help the person breathe more easily during sleep. For Cpap therapy a cpap is used and For Bipap therapy a Bipap Machine is used. However, there are some key differences between the Bipap and CPAP and in this article we will be going to discuss...


What is a BiPAP machine used for?

This article talks about the "what is a Bipap machine used For". Take the time to read the whole article. This chapter includes : What is Bipap machine. What is a Bipap machine used For. When should BiPAP not be used? What Is a Bipap Machine ? The Bipap machine is used for to enhance patient breathing by supplying pressurized air to the...


Different Types of Bipap Modes - Full Detailed Guide

Bipap Mode of Ventilation : In a bipap mode , a sleep apnea machine provides 2 pressures, One is IPAP(higher inspiratory positive airway pressure) and the second one is EPAP(lower expiratory positive airway pressure). In a bipap machine , there are multiple Bipap modes to assist the patient's breathing. What should be the BiPAP mode this doctor...

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