S.S. Technomed Bubble CPAP System (Restohealth-03) With Imported blender

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Brand:- S.S. Technomed 

Model:- Restohealth-03 with Imported blender 

Shipping Time:- 5 To 10 Days

BrandSS Technomed Conditionnew

Technical specifications:-

  1. Venti lation mode ( MODE) - CPAP (BUBBLE CPAP) mode.
  2. The scope of application - Applicable to spontaneous breathing of the newborn, to provide continuous positive pressure ventilation support.
  3. Flow regulation LPM - 0 LPM-1 0 LPM (Varies in different Air - Oxygen blender) .
  4. Oxygen concentration O2% - 21% -100%
  5. CPAP pressure - 300 Pa – 1000 Pa (3 cm H2O - 10 cm H2O).
  6. Pressure warning - Sound alarm (Pneumatic alarm).
  7. Indicator light - On indicates that the device is in operation.
  8. Working noise - Not more than 55dB (A).
  9. Gas input - Medical oxygen 0.3MPa-0.4MPa.
  10. Power supply - Ac 220V ± 22V , 50Hz ± 1Hz.

Other Parameters:-

Neonatal continuous positive airway pressure support system with CPAP (Nasal-CPAP) nasal or nasal congestion will continue to flow positive air into the CPAP airway fan.

CPAP pressure generator

  • It's simple to set the shock stress from 3 to 250px water column with the CPAP pressure bar.
  • Automatic adjustment of the water level to guarantee steady concentrations of CPAP pressure.
  • Removable water tanks can prevent interruption of the CPAP
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SS Technomed

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