Comen AX400 Anesthesia Workstation with Inbuilt Ventilator

Anesthesia Workstation front, Comen AX400
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AX400 2 Gas Anesthesia Workstation 

Optional : Medical Air 

Warranty - 2 years 

Delivery Time : 25-30 Days 


BrandComen Medical Conditionnew Installation On SiteChargeable Extra Warranty On siteFrom Manufatcurer1 Years
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Description : Comen Ax400 (O2,N2O ) is Two GAS MACHINE with Optional Medical Air .
Anesthesia Workstation Specifications :
  • High resolution 8.4” Touch Color Display.
  • Inbuilt Ventilator 
  • Tidal Volume 15ml -1500ml
  • Two gas Machine with O2,N2O and Optional Medical Air
  • Ventilator parameters Monitoring TV, MV,FiO2,I:E, Ppeak,Pmean,Pplat, Freq
  • Circle Absorber with Co2 Absorption Canister Aprox.1500ml
  • Freq. 4-100 BPM
  • I:E 4:1-1:10
  • Alarm Settings TV, MV, Fio2,Ppeak , Alarm Mute
  • Oxygen Sensor with Fio2 monitoring
  • O2 and N2O Emergency Cylinder Yoke.
  • ACGO – Auxiliary common gas Outlet.
  • Airway Pressure gauge.
  • APL Valve - 1to75cmH2O
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AX400
  • Delivery Time: 4-5 Week
  • Warranty: Manufacturer 1 year (ON - site) 
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Warranty :
  • From Manufatcurer
  • On site
  • 1 Years


Comen Medical

Display and User Interface

Screen Size :
  • 8.4Inch

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