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Electric Motorized Bed

Description:-An adjustable bed is a bed which has a multi-hinged lying surface which can be profiled to a number of different positions. Common adjustments include inclining the upper body and raising the lower body independently of each other. Other common features include height adjustment and tilting the bed to raise the upper body or the lower body into the Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg positions.

Attendant Bed Sale
$80.00 $120.00 ($89.60 inc tax)
Baby Credle on Stand Sale
$66.67 $106.67 ($74.67 inc tax)
Bed Plain DX ABS Panels Sale
$153.33 $306.67 ($171.73 inc tax)
Electric ICU Bed ( ABS Panel & ABS Side Railings ) Sale
$1,160.00 $2,080.00 ($1,368.80 inc tax)
Electric ICU Bed ( Along with Centre Locking & CPR System ) Sale
$1,760.00 $2,346.67 ($1,971.20 inc tax)
$586.67 $733.33 ($657.07 inc tax)
Head & Foot Board (ABS) Sale
$48.00 $66.67 ($53.76 inc tax)
Hospital Plain Bed (Wire Mesh Plateform) Sale
$120.00 $226.67 ($134.40 inc tax)
Hospital Plain Bed Delux (ABS panels) Sale
$213.33 $373.33 ($238.93 inc tax)
Hospital plain bed delux (Sunmica panels) Sale
$160.00 $306.67 ($179.20 inc tax)


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