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SPECIFICATIONS Controls Conventional ventilation: continuous flow, pressure-limited, time-cycled...
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BAMC Alvin Product Introduction

The Alvin is a pneumatically driven ventilator to be used in the ICU, emergency room, recovery room, wards, as well as numerous other areas of the hospital or clinic. With tidal volume starting at 20 ml, its application ranges from pediatric to adult patients. It has comprehensive functions to provide ventilation support which complies with clinical requirements around the globe.

  • Safety Guarantee


The display unit of the device is detachable. It can be installed and mounted on other ICU equipment such as ceiling pendants, thus minimizing cross-infection. This allows clinicians to observe and monitor patients from any angle.

  • Unique Exhalation Valve

The exhalation valve attached to the device is autoclavable and easy to disinfect. The internal heating system gives the exhalation valve a thermostatic function that prevents condensation buildup. Thus, the built-in flow sensor is effectively protected from damage, reducing service costs.

  • Loop Display

Pressure-volume and flow-volume loops are monitored to help clinicians observe the upper and lower inflection points, allowing for more detailed information of the patient’s lung resistance and compliance.

  • Clinical Tools

Clinical situations can become complicated during ventilation procedures. The Alvin provides intervention tools to meet various demands, such as inspiratory hold, expiratory hold, manual ventilation, and suction. The freeze screen button allows clinicians to freeze the waveforms to do further analysis.

  • Ease of use

The menu of the Alvinis organized so that users can easily identify the right modes to use.

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Shorya Product Introduction

The Shorya is a critical care ventilator suitable for intra-hospital transport and sub-acute care of infants, children and adults. The VG60 combines the advantages of a flexible non-invasive ventilator with a fully featured invasive ventilator. It has comprehensive functionality and a user-friendly design. The Shorya’s internal turbine provides needed air pressure along with low-noise functionality.

There are 3 main features that are important to discuss in order to provide a clearer understanding of the VG60.

  • Optimized patient-ventilator synchrony
  • The Shorya applies intelligent leak compensation technology, which allows the device to achieve a 60 L/min capacity, auto-detect and adjust leak compensation. Thus, any leak during NIV can be accurately compensated.
  • Advanced trigger techniques enhance sensitivity and avoid spurious triggering
  • Smart ventilation modes—PRVC auto adjusts the pressure support level to achieve the target tidal volume, thus enhancing lung-protection
  • Cost-effective solutions

The Shorya aims to give the optimized performance with the lowest user cost.

  • Patented, autoclavable, heated exhalation valve
  • Built-in flow sensor, non-consumable design
  • Upgradable ventilation system software, with USB ports
  • Multi-parameter monitoring
  • Comprehensive lung mechanics monitoring—including compliance, airway resistance, PEEPi and time constant
  • RSBI & WOB provide accurate reference for weaning
  • Three waveforms & three loops provide a continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition
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  LTV 950 Refurbished / Reconditioned  Ventilator Specifications :  Ventilation...
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Product Specification Modes of ventilation CMV(VC), CMV(PC), AV(VC), AV(PC), SIMV(VC)...
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PRODUCT FEATURE PC based light-weight design Self-contained turbine eliminates the needs for...
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