Patient Cardiac Monitor

Rs.31,800.00 Rs.25,440.00 (Rs.28,492.80 inc tax)
Product Dimension (mm)210mm x 130 x 210 mm Product Weight 2.3 KgKg ColorWHITE
Rs.50,880.00 Rs.24,804.00 (Rs.27,780.48 inc tax)
Product Dimension (mm)210mm x 130 x 210 mm Product Weight2.3Kg Screen Size 8.4
Medsun MD5100 Vital Sign Cardiac Monitor Save
Rs.38,160.00 Rs.26,000.00 (Rs.29,120.00 inc tax)
Product Weight1.5Kg ColorWHITE,Black
Rs.70,000.00 Rs.34,500.00 (Rs.38,640.00 inc tax)
ColorBlack Screen Size 12.1 AC input voltage100 - 240 V

Description of Patient Monitor:- A Patient Cardiac Monitor is an electronic medical device that consists of one of more monitoring sensors, a processing component(s), and a screen display (also called a "monitor") that provide and record for medical professionals a patient's medical vital signs (body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate) or measurements of the activity of various body organs such as ECG monitors, anesthesia monitors, or EKG monitors.


The Cardiac Monitor is a tool that displays the cardiovascular system's electrical and pressure waveforms for assessment and care. It is also possible to measure specific parameters of respiratory function. Because there are electrical connections between the heart monitor and the patient, they are kept at the bedside of the patient.

The Cardiac monitor shows the cardiac electrocardiogram (EKG) tracing on a continuous basis. Additional monitoring components allow the monitoring and display of cardiovascular pressure and cardiac output as needed for diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Arterial blood oxygen saturation can also be monitored on an ongoing basis. The bedside monitor can be interconnected to allow continuous observation of several patients from a central display, most commonly used in emergency rooms and critical care areas. Continuous cardiac and pulmonary monitoring makes it possible to detect and start care promptly.

The monitor displays many patient parameters visually. If any parameter changes outside of the expected range determined by the doctor, it can be set to sound an alarm. Requirements to be controlled may include, but not limited to, electrocardiogram, non-invasive blood pressure, intravascular pressure, cardiac rate, saturation of arterial blood oxygen, and blood temperature.


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Cardiac Monitor 


1. Patient Monitor:-

Patient monitor is medical equipment used for the patient physiological parameter ( Like Ecg , Spo2 , NIBP , Temperature and respiration )  monitoring in Hospital and clinics. BP Monitor ( also called  NIBP Monitor ) and Small spo2 monitor also called Pulse Oximeter are also used at home for parameters low and high level monitoring so that treatment can be done before it is too high or too low.  

Patient Monitor can be split into the below categories:-

Vital Sign Monitor:- Vital Sign monitor used for monitoring of vital basic parameters.

ICU Monitor :-  ICU monitor is used in ICU ( Intensive care units)  for the monitoring of critical patients for basic as well as advanced invasive parameters like Cardiac output, Invasive Blood Pressure, Etco2 monitoring.

Pulse Oximeter:-  Pulse oximeter measures the Spo2 saturation and Pulse rate of the person and gives an idea about the oxygen level in the blood and pulse rate which is almost equal to heart rate.

Neonatal Monitor :-  Neonatal monitor used in NICU for the monitoring of neonatal newborn patient range. Neonatal monitor are different from icu monitor because of its monitoring accessories and parameters alarms setting. NICU monitor comes with the cables and sensors which are compatible with neonatal patients.

 Fetal Monitor :-  Fetal monitor used for Fetus monitoring before birth. Fetal Monitoring is a part of Pregnancy checkup. Advanced Fetal monitoring also count the Uterine contractions and tell if you’re going into labor too early



2.What is Cardiac Monitor ?

Cardiac Monitors is Medical equipment used in the hospital for continuous monitoring of patient. It measures, record and displays the ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate,SpO2 and EtCO2 and other parameters.

3.How Cardiac Monitor work ?

Demonstration video of Cardiac Monitor  Comen STAR8000

4. What is the type of Patient monitor ?

  • Multiparameter Monitor
  • Bedside Monitor
  • Cardiac Monitor
  • Vital Sign monitor
  • Transport Monitor
  • Neonatal Monitor
  • Hemodynamic Monitor
  • Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Fetal Monitor

5. What are main Patient monitor accessories and disposable ?

  • ECG Cable and ECG Lead wires
  • ECG Disposable Electrode
  • NIBP Air Tubing
  • NIBP Cuff
  • SpO2 Sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • IBP Cable
  • Etco2 sensor and sampling line

6. What are the application and uses of Cardiac Monitor ?

Cardiac Monitor is applicable for use in hospital and clinical institutions to monitor patient parameters. Cardiac Monitor record and display the parameters such as ECG,HR,NIBP, Temperature  and EtCO2 etc. 

7. Who are the top manufacturer and supplier of patient monitors ?

Below is the list of top manufacturers and supplier for patient monitors.

  • Spacelabs Healthcare
  • Schiller Healthcare
  • Philips Healthcare
  • GE Healthcare
  • Shenzhen Comen Medical
  • Mindray Medical
  • BPL Medical Technologies
  • Nihon Kohden
  • Contec Medical
  • Edan Medical
  • Nidek Medical
  • Meditec England  
  • General Meditech
  • BPL Biolight
  • Mennen Medical
  • Nasan Medical
  • RMS India

8. What are Important specification points to consider when buy Patient Monitor ?

          Some of the Important point to be considered and analyze before buying a patient monitor. These points are :-

  • Type of patient application type : Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient
  • Number of parameters available
  • Number of channel and waveform available
  • Monitor screen size
  • Type of user interface.
  • Product certification like European CE and USFDA/ ISO
  • Alarm (audible and visual alarm)
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Rechargeable battery and battery backup 

9. What is Cardiac Monitor price in India ?

A Cardiac Monitor has a wide range. That's why price of equipment depends upon the specification of that equipment quality. The range of the Cardiac monitor price starts from Rs.30,000 and goes up to 9,00,000 India Rupee.

10. Where should we buy a Cardiac monitor ?

There is a lot of way of buying a Cardiac monitor. In an old way, you can write /contact to the manufacturer or you can contact your nearest dealer to find out the options, but these are time consuming and expensive method. Nowadays, the Most common way to buy Cardiac monitor is online. You can buy a patient monitor online from In this way, you can get fast delivery. Low best price and lot of product Models range and option to choose from.

11. What is the main Parts of Patient Monitor ?

  • ECG Board
  • NIBP Pump
  • Main CPU Board
  • SMPS and Power supply
  • Parameter Sensor like HR,SpO2,EtCO2,temperature
  • Monitor Battery
  • Power Code
  • LED/TFT Screen with Touch Screen

12.Where can we find Patient Monitor Service and Repair ?

If you want better service and repair in less period of time, you can go to . Hospitals Store offer service and repair for all type of medical equipments. We have certified and trained team for the repair of patient monitors.

13.Can an ECG detect blocked arteries ? 

An ECG (electrocardiogram) records the electrical activity of your heart at rest.  However, it does not show whether you have asymptomatic blockages in your heart arteries or predict your risk of a future heart attack. The resting ECG is different from a stress or exercise ECG or cardiac imaging test.

14.What is the monitor in a hospital called ?

Patient monitors measure, record, distribute and display combinations of biometric values such as heart rate, SPO2, blood pressure, temperature and more. High-capability, multi-function monitors are typically used in hospitals and clinics to ensure a high-level of quality patient care.