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Medsun’s product line includes Multipara Monitor, Patient Cardiac Monitor, Portable Patient Monitor, Vital Signs Monitor,Etco2 capnograph Monitor and Fetal Monitor/Fetal Doppler. To meet your diverse needs, Hospitals Store offer Patient Cardiac Monitor from Medsun at lowest price.100% Genuine branded products.

Medsun Patient Cardiac Monitor :-

Patient cardiac monitor is an electronic medical device that consists of one of more monitoring sensors, a processing component(s), and a screen display (also called a "monitor") that provide and record for medical professionals a patient's medical vital signs (body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate, spo2) or measurements of the activity of various body organs such as ECG monitors, anesthesia monitors, or EKG monitors. Medsun's monitors are designed to provide real-time data as needed.

Medsun is one of leading manufacturer of Patient Cardiac Monitor and they are the one of the best choice of hospitals, clinics, cardiologists, heart failure specialists, and cardiac surgeons across the country due to their high product performance standards. Their Patient Cardiac Monitor is used by first responders, emergency services, and critical care doctors all over the world.  Their Patient Cardiac Monitor is built to the highest industry standards of quality, dependability, and durability, and they come with comprehensive service and support programmed to keep them running at peak performance. Over the years, Medsun has given new patient monitoring solution that have resulted in more effective healthcare delivery with a dedication to improving accuracy and accessibility through improved data analysis

Medsun MD5100 Vital Sign Cardiac Monitor (SpO2+NIBP+PR)
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40,000.00 14,900.00
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Product Weight1.5Kg ColorWHITE,Black
Medsun M8A Multipara Monitor, 8 inch Cardiac Monitor
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56,986.00 35,000.00
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Product Dimension (mm)210mm x 130 x 210 mm Product Weight2.3Kg Screen Size 8.4Inch

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