Cholesterol Checker

What Is a Cholesterol Checker ?

The  cholesterol checker is a convenient and efficient way to test your cholesterol level. Without having to go to the doctor, it can track your cholesterol level. And the cholesterol test can deliver results in minutes rather than days or weeks.

How Is a Cholesterol Checker Used?

Standard cholesterol home test kit has a lancet for drawing blood. In order to get a cholesterol test result, you first you will pick your finger with the lancet. Then, you add the blood to the device. It takes several minutes for the blood cholesterol test reagent to change colors. You go on to look up the final color using the provided color guide. The color of this droplet indicates the amount of cholesterol in your blood.
Several new blood test kits are available with an electronic meter. This blood glucose meter functions in the same way as a sensor for diabetes. The test strips are used to measure the cholesterol in the electronic device, and a small computer measures the amount automatically. Electronically measured cholesterol tests are more expensive than those on paper. Electronic self-monitoring devices, such as the one you mention, are quite handy if you want to monitor your cholesterol levels more frequently.

Result of Cholesterol Checker :-

Once you've established your risk, you and your doctor will be able to work together to reduce your likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke. You might require a medication called a statin, which reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol by 20 to 60 percent. Results from the cholesterol test are merely an estimate of your actual cholesterol level while the test is often as accurate as the test used by your health care provider, this home test should not be a substitute for the assessment of your health care provider.

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