Coagulation Analyzer

Coagulation analyzer:

Coagulation analyzer is used to measure blood platelet levels in a quick and easy manner. The Coagulation Analyzer is a computerized blood analysis and inspection device. It can be used to determine whether a patient has a bleeding disorder. Coagulation machines also utilized in clinic diagnosis for things like inspecting and curing thrombus dissolving and blood coagulation treatment. A coagulation analyzer is designed to handle a high number of patients, with each well capable of storing up to 600 patient tests. Coagulation analyzers come in a variety of shapes and sizes: Mechanical impedance, detection of changes in the electromagnetic field, and detection of photometric changes.

Coagulation analyzer use:
  • A coagulation analyzer can be used to determine the speed of the coagulation pathway, as well as the amounts of thrombolin and thromboplastin.
  • A coagulation system comes with built-in quality control and security lockout measures to ensure safe and secure use due to the sensitive nature of patient health information.
  • Coagulation analyzers are devices that can detect coagulation parameters in blood samples.
  • Coagulation analyzers are quick and easy to use equipment that can assess a variety of blood coagulation characteristics in samples.
There are some features of coagulations analyzer:
  • The latest coagulation analyzer technology is photo-optical clot detecting technology.
  • Coagulation analyzers with touch screen interfaces are now available.
  • It significantly lowers the cost of each test, allowing patients to benefit from lower fees.
  • A maintenance-free device with no moving parts is preferred.
  • Printer connectivity should be available as an option.
  • LED technology should be chosen over traditional halogen bulbs.

Types of coagulation analyzer:

There are different types of Coagulation analyzer. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of Coagulation analyzer.

Automated coagulation analyzer :                   

These coagulation analyzers are smart, compact, and have random access. It's utilized in clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic testing. These coagulation machines include a user-friendly touch screen display and are simple and straightforward to use. Routine assays with a high throughput. Labor savings, simple programming, and a true walk-away system are all advantages of this system. It can be used to detect the efficacy of platelet medications promptly and to advise drug dosage.

  • It can identify the function of residual platelet aggregation and estimate the danger of thrombosis in a matter of seconds.
  • These coagulation machines include a user-friendly touch screen display.
  • These coagulation analyzers have random access.
Semi-automated coagulation analyzer :

These coagulation analyzers are used in medical treatment, scientific research, and educational institutions to identify blood coagulation factors. Photo-optical detection is used by coagulation analyzers. These coagulation analyzers, which use photo-optical detection principles, should be the best choice for a lab.

  • The purpose of this form of coagulation machine is to detect the amplitude of fluctuation.
  • It measures prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), and thrombin time (TT).
  • Semi-automated coagulation analyzers can perform reagent pre-heating, magnetic stirring, automatic printing, temperature accumulation, time indication, and other tasks.
Fully automated coagulation analyzer :

This coagulation analyzer is an automatic clotting test tool. It can be utilized for pre-operative screening and clinical tests. To assess the clotting of plasma, this type of coagulation equipment uses a clotting, chromogenic approach. The clotting measurement value is the clotting time, according to the instrument. The clotting test's principle is to measure the amplitude fluctuation of the ball oscillation.

  • These coagulation analyzer machines are made up of a moving sample probe, a cleaning unit, movable cuvettes, a heating and cooling unit, and a test unit.
  • The fully automated analyzer is carefully inspected and tested.
  • The motion of the ball can be used by the coagulation analyzer to determine the clotting time.

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Stago coagulation analyzer :

These coagulation analyzers are based on the industry's most dependable platform. The stago coagulation analyzer is a high-throughput, reliable analyzer. It is the ideal system for laboratories with a medium size. The system's innovative sample management mechanism allows for high throughput and quick processing of STAT samples while reducing the instrument's time to result. Full auto-verification, reflex testing, automated maintenance logs, and TAT monitoring are all included with this coagulation machine software.

Sysmex coagulation analyzer :

These coagulation analyzers are intended to make coagulation testing more straightforward. It is more consistent and predictable. Built-in timer, temperature control, and auto-start and timing of measuring process make coagulation testing simple. These are simple in use because they have pre-programmed techniques. It made use of an automatic light intensity adjustment system. To preserve accuracy and precision, use a sophisticated standard curve tool. With its quick incubation period, this type of analyzer machine enhanced throughput.

Horiba coagulation analyzer :

These coagulation devices are designed to perform hemostasis screening  tests in small laboratories. It has a user interface that is simple to use and inventive. The ability to interpret bar codes, External data storage, ready-to-use, reagent assays for clotting, immunology, and chromogenic. Nephelometric and turbidimetric measurement channels are integrated.

Mindray coagulation analyzer :

These coagulations are a simple process that effectively holds the manifestation dynamic state curve, as well as the test item and data. The bottom approach, which may evaluate the flat blood, is quick, accurate, and dependable adoption. This coagulation analyzer equipment can produce four sets of contrast diagram text data.

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Coagulation analyzer.

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Product Dimension (mm)26 x 33 x 9 cm (LxWxH)
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Horiba Yumizen G200 Coagulation Analyzer

Horiba Yumizen G200 Coagulation Analyzer

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