Commode Chair

Commode Chair:-

A commode chair is a toilet that can be moved to whatever you like. Commode chairs are used at home when a patient is in very low condition to access a bathroom. The waste vessel connected to the commode chair can be removed and drained quickly. Commode chairs allow many older adults to carry out personal activities without dependence on others.

The best commode chairs  in India

1. Commode Stool with lock Powder Coated:-

This PVC premium imported commode stool with lock powder coated for added safety Design with perfections and has an extra pot. Those who use Indian style toilets will find this commode stool with lock powder coated helpful. The affordable toilet seat is great for people who are unable to squat down while defecating. Commode Stool with Lock Powder Coated (with Pan and Lid) is easy to use and available online on Hospitalsstore.

2. Commode Chair Folding :-

Folding Toilet Chairs are portable due to its compact size and foldable design. The rubber used in the floor grips ensures that the chair remains in place while engaging in activities. Those who use Indian style toilets will find this Steel Commode Chair Folding (ASI–233) is helpful for them.

3. Commode chair with armrest Powder Coated :-

These Commode Chairs with armrest Powder Coated is designed to fold and unfold and has adjustable height. It folds to make packaging simple, storing and transporting easy. Moreover, the tough molded parts are durable, stylish, hygienic and easy to maintain.

  • It has armrests and backrests.
  • Space is the least used.
  • It is designed for high weight-bearing.
  • It has a shiny chromium finish that is aesthetically pleasing and rustproof.
  • The frame is a rigid steel construction which ensures a sturdy, durable construction.
  • Can be bent without breaking.
  • Encompassing adjustable height and storage space. 




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