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Description of Desensitizers

The Desensitizers are a product that is applied to the teeth to help reduce sensitivity. There are many types of desensitizers, and they can be used for both short-term and long-term relief. Some desensitizers work by coating the teeth and blocking out stimuli, while others work by actually changing the structure of the tooth so that it is less sensitive. Teethmate desensitizers can be applied to the teeth in many ways, including gels, foams, strips and trays. However, a common way to apply desensitizers is with a tray that is worn overnight. Dental desensitizers are also available in toothpastes and gels. It is important to keep in mind that desensitizers are not a replacement for regular dental care and should only be used in the event of extreme sensitivity.

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We offer the lowest Desensitizers Price for doctors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and more. At our online hospital equipment store "Hospitals Store"  we offer different types of dental desensitizers. Desensitizers price at hospitals store are the lowest compared to other sellers. There are many options for desensitizer dental filling material that can be purchased online. Find the best desensitizers for your hospital and clinic, as well as details, key features, pictures, ratings, and more.

Best Desensitizers BrandPrice Range
Ivoclar Desensitizers PriceINR 400 - INR 6800
Kulzer Desensitizers PriceINR 3150 - INR 5200
Prevest Desensitizers PriceINR 150 - INR 700
Ultradent Desensitizers PriceINR 500 - INR 950
Philips Desensitizers PriceINR 1100 - INR 3400

The oral desensitizers you choose for your hospital, and clinic is critical, as you must consider the qualities of dental desensitizers in order to select the most convenient and appropriate one. You can buy the best dental desensitizers at the affordable prices, only on Hospitals Store. So we've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right disposable dentin desensitizer for your need, as well as desensitizers price in your budget.

Choose Desensitizers from the best brands online:

If online dental desensitizers shopping is in your mind, then look no further than Hospitals Store to browse through the best brands like these.

  • Kulzer

Kulzer desensitizers are best-selling and highly trusted. Its optimum performance and high quality have made it the preferred choice for healthcare professionals. Desensitizer is applied to the teeth to help reduce sensitivity, it provides very quick results, due to which it is quite popular among dental professionals. Desensitizers come with the superb features such as gentle on the gums, innovative, synergistic mechanism, increased motivation for oral hygiene, and more.

  • Ivoclar

The Ivoclar desensitizers are a well-known and trustworthy brand that is top-selling for a reason. Made of high performance, this product is of the finest quality and is the top choice of dentist.  This dental desensitizers have a number of great features such as fluoride release, increased motivation for oral hygiene, fast relief of pain, and more.

Bestseller in Desensitizers:

The boom of online shopping has brought us to buying medical supplies, even medical equipment on the web today. Dental desensitizer online shopping is like buying anything else on the internet, especially on a trusted tooth desensitizers online portal like You can explore the wide product range of dental desensitizers from top brands like Kolzer, Ivoclar, etc., and you can buy desensitizers online from hospitals store.

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Which is the Best Desensitizer in India, in November 2022?
Which are the top selling Desensitizers in India, in November 2022?
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What is the Desensitizers?
FAgamin Silver Diamine Fluoride 38%
Save 35%
4,000.00 2,614.00
In stock
850.00 803.00
In stock
Ultradent UltraEZ Syringe Kit & Refill
Save 34%
800.00 525.00
Prevest Shield Activ
Save 13%
350.00 304.00
In stock
450.00 435.00
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GC Dentin Conditioner
Save 19%
787.00 640.00
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3,400.00 3,144.00
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Ivoclar Fluor Protector (Pack Of 1)
Save 30%
520.00 362.00
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Ivoclar Fluor Protector S
Save 23%
7,733.00 5,953.00
In stock
Contact us for a price
In stock
800.00 787.00
In stock
Prevest Copal F
Save 23%
150.00 115.00
In stock
6,500.00 6,027.00
In stock
Prevest fusion i-seal glass ionomer cements
Save 33%
700.00 472.00
E-SDF (Silver Diamine Flouride)
Save 16%
2,000.00 1,680.00
In stock
Ivoclar VivaSens Bottle & Single Dose Assortment
Save 13%
7,420.00 6,457.00
Ammdent Flurosolve (For Hypersensitivity)
Save 24%
535.00 409.00
1,200.00 1,102.00
In stock
Prevest Platina Hi-Gloss
Save 14%
475.00 409.00
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450.00 420.00
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Ammdent Cariclear
Save 30%
3,100.00 2,168.00
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Prevest Fusion Nano Coat
Save 41%
750.00 446.00
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Prevest Denpro Bio Enamel
Save 48%
1,000.00 519.00
Out of stock
5,700.00 5,628.00

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