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ECG machine (electrocardiograph) is medical equipment which measures and record the electrical activity of the heart. ECG's leads or electrodes are placed to the patient with the help of Conductive ECG Jelly

ECG Machine Type and ECG Machine Price Range : 

1) Single Channel ECG Machine :  Single Channel ECG machine is basic ECG Machine that prints single ECG waveform /channel at a time. Like this type ECG Machine's paper has space for only single trace at a time. So, All 12 channels  of ECG Machine report will be printed one by one on the paper. However, nowadays single channel ECG machine comes in automatic modes. So, it will print all 12 channel automatically one by one without manually changing the leads. Most single channel ECG machines use 50 mm paper width. BPL ECG Machine 6108 is example of the single channel ECG machine.  Single ECG Machine Price range is INR 15,000 to INR 35,000 

2)  3 Channel ECG Machine : As the name suggest, 3 Channel ECG Machine print 3 waveforms/channels at a time. It means the total 12 waveforms will be printed in 4 sections. This report format is called 3x4 format. 3 Channel ECG Machine also print a rhythm lead in some cases. Major 3 channel ECG machines use 80 mm -90 mm paper width.   It depends on the ECG Machine model and price. 3 Channel ECG Machine Price range is INR 25,000 to INR 50,000.

3) 6 Channel ECG Machine : 6 Channel ECG Machine prints 6 waveforms in one go. So, its paper width is wide as compare to 3 channel ECG Machines. So print format of 6 channel ECG Machines would be 6x2. 6 channel  ECG Machine report length is comparatively less because page width is large. 6 Channel ECG Machine Price range is INR 35,000 to INR 65,000. 

4) 12 Channel ECG Machine : 12 channel ECG Machines can print 12 waveforms simultaneously. 12 channel ECG can print in 6x2 and 3x4 formats. So, it is also called multichannel ECG machine. Most of 12 Channel ECG Machine are known to print ECG report on A4 size paper. And Report is wide and paper length is less. So is easy for Doctors to analyze and compare the ECG waveform. 12 Channel ECG machine use 210 mm to 216 mm wide paper.   12 Channel ECG Machine Price range is INR 50,000 to INR 120,000. Some most advance 12 channel ECG machines may cost higher up-to INR 150,000.  BPL 9108 is most selling 12 channel ECG Model and Comen 1200B & Contec 1200G ECG machines  are low cost  and value for Money products.

You can read the below article to find the difference in 3/6/12 channel ECG machine print formats "Difference between 3/6/12 Channel ECG Machine "

All BPL medical  ECG machine price comparison is given here "BPL ECG machine"

You can contact hospitals store team to get the best ECG machine price.

More about ECG machine:

An electrocardiogram or ECG is a test that measures your heart's electrical activity to see if it works normally or not. An ECG records the rhythm and activity of the heart on a moving paper strip or line on a screen.

In other words ECG machine is the physiological function detecting equipment to record waveform of electric activity of the heart.  It can provide the basic information about various heart diseases for diagnosis and treatment use.

ECG  is helpful to the analysis and cognition of various arrhythmias and the understanding of the influence on the cardiac muscle exerted by certain drugs, electrolyte disorder and acid-base imbalance, therefore this equipment plays an important role in heart disease examination

Hospitals Store offers All type of ECG Machine at Lowest Price in India with International shipping. ECG machine can divide  into four sections depending on the number of Channels . And ECG Machine price also depends on the Number of channels available in the ECG Machine.

What is Top ECG Machines Price / Cost?

An ECG machine price varies between INR 25,000 to INR 150,000 depending on the number of channels and features required. 12 channel machine price is higher than compare to 3 channels 

BPL ECG Machine Price is Rs. 51,000

GE ECG Machine Price in India is Rs. 1,10,000

and Philips Healthcare ECG Machine Price is Rs. 135,000

Type of ECG Machine Paper :

Now days All  ECG Machine come with built-in thermal sensitive dot-matrix printer. Almost All ECG Machine use thermal sensitive paper to print the ECG  report.

 ECG report paper size depends on Printer size and the number of channels, it can price simultaneously.

ECG Paper can be  Rolled Type or  Z fold type. Depending on the machine Paper tray design


Some ECG Paper Size are :

Single channel ECG Machine paper :   50 mm, 60 mm,

Three Channel ECG Machine  paper :   80 mm, 90 mm

Six channel ECG Machine : 100 mm, 104 mm

Twelve Channel ECG Machine :  210 mm, 215 mm, 216 mm  

Folded paper 12 Channel :  140×210 mm,  140×216 mm, 295×210 mm, 295×216 mm.

There are two kinds of record paper supported by this electrocardiograph: rolled thermal sensitive recording paper and Z folded thermal sensitive recording paper.

Your doctor can read and interpret the ECG waveforms on ECG paper or screen to see if the unusual or abnormal activity occurs. 

ECG lead placement is done by ECG technician and after switching on the machine. It starts acquiring 12 lead ECG from the patient. ECG test is very common medical cardiac patients. ECG lead placement or ECG electrode placement is crucial for good ECG signal. Normal ECG or abnormal ECG reading are interpreted by the physician doctor or cardiologist.

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75,000.00 52,990.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm)300mm x 260mm x 85mm Product Weight2.5Kg Screen Size 3.5Inch AC input voltage110 - 120/220 - 240
En stock
60,000.00 33,500.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWHITE Screen Size 3 Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
En stock
85,000.00 60,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
AC input voltage100-240 V PortsUSB , RS232,, Earthing
En stock
BPL 9108, 12 channel ECG Machine
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Réduction 26%
135,000.00 99,500.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm)420mmx330mm x105mm Product Weight5Kg Screen Size 5.7Inch AC input voltage100-240 V
En stock
150,000.00 85,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWhite Screen Size 8.4Inch AC input voltage100-240 V PortsUSB , RS232,, Earthing
En stock
ECG Machine RMS Vesta 101 single channel ECG machine with Bag
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Réduction 34%
30,000.00 19,800.00
(Taxe incluse)
En stock
215,000.00 148,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWhite & Black Product Dimension (mm)310 x 400 x 210cm Product Weight8.6Kg Screen Size 6.5Inch AC input voltage110 - 240 V
En stock
60,000.00 54,900.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm) 300mm x 260mm x 80 mm Product Weight2Kg Screen Size 4.3Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
En stock
Contec 3Channel ECG Machine, 300GA with Colour Display
Réduction 37%
45,000.00 28,500.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWhite Product Weight2.5Kg
En stock
BPL ECG Machine Cardiart 108T Digi
Franco de port
Réduction 35%
30,000.00 19,500.00
(Taxe incluse)
AC input voltage110 - 120/220 - 240
En stock
Contec 600G Six Channel ECG Machine , 600G CONTEC
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Réduction 28%
69,000.00 49,500.00
(Taxe incluse)
En stock
12 channel ECG Machine , Bionet  Model Cardiocare 2000
Réduction 37%
95,000.00 60,200.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)296 x 305.5 x 92.5 mm Product Weight2.98Kg
En stock
BPL 9108D  ECG Machine 12Channel ECG with A4 size print.
Réduction 15%
110,000.00 93,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorBlue Product Dimension (mm)361mmx262mmx135mm Product Weight4.2Kg Screen Size 7Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
En stock
BPL ECG Machine 6 channel , 8108 View
Réduction 30%
120,000.00 83,500.00
(Taxe incluse)
Screen Size 5.7Inch AC input voltage100-240 V
En stock
CONTEC ECG100G Single Channel ECG  Machine with printer paper
Réduction 44%
45,000.00 25,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWhite Product Dimension (mm)310mm×230mm×70mm Product Weight2.75kgKg
En stock
CONTEC 1200G, Twelve Channel ECG Machine
Franco de port
Réduction 42%
95,000.00 55,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)340mm × 320mm× 85mm Product Weight3.2Kg AC input voltage100-240 V
En stock
Contec 1200G Touch Portable ECG/EKG Machine
Franco de port
Réduction 42%
95,000.00 55,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)340mm × 320mm × 85mm Product Weight3.2Kg
En stock
RMS 3 channel ECG Machine, Vesta 301i
Franco de port
Réduction 40%
55,000.00 33,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)288mm X 238mm X 85mm Product Weight2Kg Screen Size 3.5Inch AC input voltage110 - 220 V
En stock
Mac 2000 ECG Machine GE Healthcare
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Réduction 23%
256,435.00 196,944.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWhite & Black Product Dimension (mm)200mm X 390mm X 330mm Product Weight5Kg Screen Size 7Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
En stock
Franco de port
Réduction 26%
40,000.00 29,500.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWHITE Product Weight2Kg AC input voltage100 - 240V
En stock
BPL Cardiart GenX1 , Single Channel ECG Machine
Franco de port
Réduction 30%
50,000.00 35,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWHITE,Black Product Dimension (mm) 300mm x 260mm x 80 mm Product Weight2Kg AC input voltage100 - 240 V
En stock
Philips ECG machine TC10 , Philips Portable 12Ch ECG Machine
Réduction 23%
150,000.00 115,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
ColorWhite Product Dimension (mm)65mm x 338mm x 240mm Product Weight2.5Kg Screen Size 7Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
En stock
ECG Machine Schiller  Cardiovit AT-1 G2, 3 Channel ECG Machine
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Réduction 41%
135,000.00 80,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Weight2.9Kg Screen Size 5Inch
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159,000.00 145,000.00
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Screen Size 7Inch
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