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Hospitals store offers a big product range of electronic thermometer at wholesale price. This category's product range includes big brands like "hicks thermometer, Omron thermometer, Dr Morepen thermometer, dr trust thermometer, dr Odin thermometer, accusure thermometer, Medtech thermometer,  etc". At Hospital Store, we know that your reasons for choosing a digital infrared thermometer are unique to you. That's why, with the widest range, convenient shopping options, affordable price, we make sure that you always find what’s perfect for you. Buy digital thermometers for temperature online with us, and we will dispatch them the same day or the next day, and before they are dispatched for delivery, all products sourced by us are quality tested. To ensure the safe and timely delivery of dispatched digital clinical thermometers or any medical product, we have partnered with reputable courier companies because for us your overall experience of online shopping is as important as the quality of the products. Shop online with all over India free shipping* option. Multiple payment options.

Digital Thermometer :

Digital thermometers are temperature-sensing instruments that are easily portable, have permanent probes, and have a convenient digital display. The way a digital thermometer works depends upon its type of sensor. Sensor types include resistance temperature detector (RTD), thermocouple and thermistor. Buy Digital Thermometer from at the lowest price of wide Brand products. A Thermometer is a device that measures a thermometer or a temperature gradient. A thermometer has two important elements: a temperature sensor (e.g. the bulb of mercury in glass thermometer) or the pyrometric sensor in an infrared thermometer in which some change occurs with a change in temperature; and some means of converting this change into a numerical value (e.g. the visible scale that is marked on a mercury-in-glass thermometer or the digital readout on an infrared model). Thermometers are widely used in technology and industry to monitor processes, meteorology, medicine, and scientific research.

Buy Digital Thermometer From The Best Brands Online :

Buy Medical Electronic online at the best price only on Hospitals Store.

  • Hicks Thermometer : Hicks digital thermometers are the top-selling digital thermometer in India. There are two main reasons for the popularity of hicks thermometer digital, one is their trustworthy high-quality product and 2nd is all over India products availability.
  • Omron Thermometer : Their medical thermometers are well-known for their high-quality performances and results. Omron digital thermometer price is also pocket friendly. 
  • Dr Morepen Thermometer : Dr Morepen digital thermometer is a well-known brand in the healthcare industry. Dr Morepen digital thermometers come with a long-life battery.

Top Picks of Digital Thermometers :

Overall the best digital thermometers - 

  • Hicks Thermometer :  With the best reviews for high-quality electronic thermometers long-life batteries, and ease in use, the hicks digitally thermometers are the best oral thermometers. Hicks digital thermometers are popular for their accuracy and best quality. Hicks digital thermometer price is also affordable.
  • Omron Thermometer : Omron digital thermometer is in our top pick electronic thermometer list due to its reviews for high-quality performance, long life, and easy digital thermometer use.
  • Dr Morepen Thermometer : Dr Morepen digital thermometer is in our top pick digital medical thermometer list due to its reviews for high-quality performance, long life, and easy digital thermometer use.
  • Dr Trust Thermometer : Dr Trust digital thermometers are one of the most popular brands in India. Dr Trust is known for its best quality digital thermometers for fever. The oral digital thermometers come with a powerful battery and a digital meter. The price of dr trust thermometers also suits your pocket.
  • AccuSure Thermometer : The materials utilized to manufacture accusure digital thermometers are sourced from the most reliable and official vendors, chosen after performing detailed market surveys. Accusure infrared digital thermometers are widely acknowledged in the market for their high quality. We are dedicatedly involved in providing an excellent quality array of accusure thermometers.
  • Dr Odin Thermometer : Dr Odin digital thermometer is approved by FDA. A digital thermometer from Dr Odin is a good choice to measure daily temperature.

How to use Digital Thermometer?

It is very easy to use any digital thermometer at your home. Here are some steps to know how to use a digital thermometer:-

  1. Insert the battery cell into the thermometer, if it is not already inserted.
  2. After inserting the battery, you have to push the Power button.
  3. When the power is on, place the thermometer in your mouth (for oral temperature) or underarm.
  4. You have to wait for the beep sound from the thermometer.
  5. Once you hear a beep, simply take out the thermometer and read the temperature reading.

Buy Digital Thermometer At Wholesale Price From Hospitals Store :

We offer the best digital thermometer price for home use, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc. At our online medical product store "Hospitals Store" we offer the best portable digital thermometer price. digital temperature meter for fever price at hospitals store is the lowest price compared to other sellers. There are many options for a small digital thermometer at a price that can be purchased online. Find the best medical thermometer price in India, as well as details, key features, pictures, ratings, and more.

These thermometers are premium quality digital thermometers from reputed brands. These medical thermometers are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field.

You can buy digital body temperature thermometers for children, elders, homes, hospitals, clinics, etc. at wholesale price. Best clinical thermometers for home use, hospitals, clinics and other facilities can be purchased at a discounted price. We've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right digital thermometer for your needs, as well as an automatic wheelchair price based on your budget.

Digital ThermometerPrice in INR
Digital Thermometer (NM)127.68
Romsons Probe Digital Thermometer115.00
AccuSure MT-32 Digital Thermometer449.00
Dr Morepen Digiflexi Flexi Tip Thermometer (MT222)284.00
AccuSure Digital Thermometer MT-1027 (Multicolor)249.00
Dr.Odin Clinical Thermometer REGULAR122.00
Omron MC246 Digital Thermometer271.00

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Digital thermometer.

What is the price of Digital Thermometer in India in January 2023?
What type of Digital Thermometers we have?
Where can you buy Digital Thermometer online?
What are the top selling Digital Thermometer in INDIA in January, 2023?
Which are the best low cost Digital Thermometers?
Which is the Best Digital Thermometer?
Which are the top selling brands of Digital Thermometer?
How to read temperature on Digital Thermometer?
Digital Thermometer (NM)
Save 40%
213.92 127.68
In stock
Bremed Baby Digital Thermometer BD1130
Save 27%
1,324.96 968.80
Dr. Odin DMT-101 Digital Thermometer
Save 40%
180.00 108.41
In stock
Beurer FT-09 Digital Thermometer
Free shipping
Save 15%
250.00 213.73
In stock
Rossmax Digital Thermometer TG120
Save 51%
584.64 284.48
In stock
Quantity 1 Colorwhite Product Weight.6gmKg
245.00 225.00
In stock
355.00 322.00
In stock
Rossmax Digital Flexible Tip Thermometer-TG100
Save 29%
282.00 200.00
Quantity 1 Colorwhite Product Weight.1Kg
170.00 140.00
In stock
Quantity 1 Colorwhite Product Weight.1Kg
Contact us for a price
In stock
Quantity 1 Colorwhite Select by size 148mm * 87mm* 43mm
2,200.00 1,970.00
Quantity 1 Colorwhite, gray
747.00 672.00
6,962.00 6,750.00
AccuSure MT-32 Digital Thermometer
Save 11%
180.00 160.00
In stock
Quantity 1 Quantity1 Colorwhite Product Weight.1Kg
187.00 169.00
Quantity 1 Colorwhite, yellow Product Weight.1Kg
Quantity 1 Colorwhite, gray, blue Optional Items / Parametersdigital, forehead, ear
21,000.00 20,425.00
170.00 153.00
Colorwhite Optional Items / ParametersDigital and oral thermometer Product Weight.1Kg
3,000.00 2,700.00
In stock
Quantity 1 Colorwhite, blue
370.00 339.00
In stock
Quantity 1 Colorwhite Product Weight.1Kg
131.00 129.00
In stock
Select by size TMP 03
152.00 149.00
In stock
155.00 149.00
In stock
Select by size TMP 02
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