Drager-IBP Cable Argon/Medex/HP/Edward/BD/Abbott/PVB/Utah IBP sensor trunk cable for disposable pressure transducer.

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20245617_145002699723_2IBP sensor trunk cable and disposable pressure transducer for Drager-Siemens.




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Company views

The company was founded in 2013 and is located in Shenzhen, China.The main business is medical monitor accessories,consumable materials research and development, production and sales .  Its products include Spo2 sensor ,  Temperature probe,  ECG cable, ECG leadwires, NIBP cuff , IBP cable and other accessories. The products are widely used for Pulse Oximeter , Patient Monitor , ECG and so on . Variety is complete, the price is cheap, the performance is superior.



Products confluence

Company products compatible with major brands of instruments, if you do not find their own products, please contact us.

1.Medical SpO2 sensor and SpO2 extension cable.

2.Patient monitor ECG/EKG lead cable and adapter trunk cable/leadwire/electrode.

3.Holter lead cable and adapter trunk cable/leadwire/electrode.

4.NIBP cuff and extension tube and connector.


5.Patient pressure infusion.


6.IBP cable and pressure transducer.


7.Medical temperature probe.


8.Disposable grounding pad/cable.


9.High-frequency ESU pencil.


10.Fetal probe.


11.Ultrasound probe.


12.EEG cable and electrode.


13.EMG cable and electrode.


14.Physiotherapy cable and electrode.


25908101_145030715037_2:Companies to undertake electronic wire, precision connectors and other products manufacturing business, welcome to consult!


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