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We offer Electric hospital bed for patient, home, hospitals, clinics and more at affordable price. Here explore our full product range of electric hospital beds including semi and fully electric bed. We provide all India free delivery* in 2-9 working days.

Electric hospital beds :- 

Electric hospital beds are automatic hospital beds which are powered by motor. The electric medical bed comes with a multi-hinged lying surface that can be profiled to a variety of different positions:Common adjustments include independently inclining the upper body and raising the lower body. Height adjustment and tilting the bed to raise the upper or lower body into the Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg positions are also common features. 

With getting into a good sleeping position, electric hospital bed provide temporary relief from joint pain, such as backache and arthritis.

2 types of electric hospital beds for sale are available at Hospitals Store:-

There are main 2 types of electric hospital bed which are (1) Semi electric hospital bed, (2) full electric hospital bed, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when looking for the right electric patient bed for you. Here's we explain these 2 two types to help you understand the  types of electric hospital bed available on our medical supply store.

1). Semi electric hospital bed - The head and foot adjustments on a semi-electric bed are powered by electric motors, and the user can adjust the knee and back rest with remote but for the height adjustment  the user need to use  a hand crank  just like a manual bed or fowler bed.

2). Fully Electric hospital bed - In a fully electric adjustable bed, knee and back rest, height all can adjust by electric controls or remote.

Buy Electric hospital beds at wholesale price on www.hospitalsstore.com :-

We offer Electric hospital bed for patient, home, hospitals, clinics and more at wholesale price on our  Medical equipment store "Hospitals Store". Electric hospital bed price at hospitals store are the lowest prices compare to other sellers. There are many options of electric hospital bed including semi and fully electric hospital bed, with railing, mattress and ABS at affordable price that can be purchased online. 

We've put together a buyers guide and FAQs below to help you in choosing the best Hospital Electric Beds for your need. 

Frequently asked questions about Electric Hospital Bed

How much is an electric hospital bed?
What is the best electric hospital bed on the market?
What is the price of electric hospital beds for home use?
What is a full electric hospital bed?
What is a semi electric hospital bed ?
Sigma fully electric ICU bed with knee & back elevation
Save 18%
225,093.12 185,203.20
(Including tax)
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)2030mm X 990mm X 558-762mm
ACME Electric hospital folding bed with Centre Locking & CPR System
Save 21%
250,736.64 198,024.96
(Including tax)
In stock
Hospital Bed Movements Backrest, Knee Rest, Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg, Up and Down, Left and Reght Tilt
ACME  ICU Electric Bed ABS Panel & ABS Side Railings
Save 43%
222,243.84 126,792.96
(Including tax)
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)2100 X 900 X 500-800
Sigma fully Electric Hi- Low ICU Patient Bed Royal
Save 23%
222,956.16 172,381.44
(Including tax)
In stock
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm)2030mm X 990mm X 558-762mm
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In stock

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