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Description Of Electrolyte Analyzer

The electrolyte analyzer is a device for measuring the electrolytes in the human body. They are primarily used in the quantitative measurement of sodium, potassium, and chloride in whole blood, serum, or plasma. Some electrolyte analyzer employ miniaturized ISE, which are fabricated in planar type.

Different electrodes on the electrolyte analyser are specific for different ions of interest. Each electrode contains an ion-selective membrane (for example, sodium) that reacts with the appropriate ions (sodium) in the sample being tested in a specific way. The membrane is an ion exchanger that reacts to the ion's electric charge by changing the membrane potential or measuring voltage, which is built up in the film between the sample and the membrane. An electrochemical potential forms across the membrane of the active electrode due to a difference in sodium ion concentration between the sodium solution inside the electrode and the sample. The electrode transmits the potential to an amplifier. This is compared to a reference electrode's potential. The sodium ion concentration is measured in mill moles per liter (mmol/L) or mill equivalents per liter (mEq/L).

The most common methods of electrolyte analysis are flame emission photometry and ion-selective electrode (ISE). The ISE electrolyte measurement method is based on the principle of potentiometry, which involves measuring the voltage that arises between the inner and outer surfaces of an ISE (membrane). Miniaturized ISE, which are produced in a planar kind, are used in several electrolyte analyzer. Electrodes and contact points aren't used in optode technology, therefore there's no need for expensive electrode maintenance. The application of an Electrolyte analyzer is they are used to evaluate electrolyte levels in the human body in order to discover metabolic imbalances and to monitor renal and cardiac functioning.

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Electrolyte Analyzer Brand Price Range 
Erba Electrolyte AnalyzerINR 90000 - INR 150000
Mindray Electrolyte AnalyzerINR 90000 - INR 130000
Besic Electrolyte AnalyzerINR 90000 - INR 110000
Roche Electrolyte AnalyzerINR 80000 - INR 120000
Sensacore Electrolyte AnalyzerINR 90000 - INR 110000

Buy Best Electrolyte Analyzer Online:

Horiba Yumizen E100 Electrolyte Analyzer:

  • Throughput: 512 Tests / Hour (Highest in Market)
  • Data Storage: 10,000  Patient Results & 10,000 QC results for 3 levels
  • Parameters: Na⁺. K⁺. Clˉ, Ca⁺⁺ & Liˉ
  • User Inputs: 5” Touch Screen Display with Remote Use Facility 
  • Calibration: 2 Point Calibration on every 4 hours, 1 Point with every Sample 
  • Support: LAN, Wifi, 4 USB Ports, LIS & RS 232 for Online Service Interface & Remote Access
  • Veterinary Options: Feline, Canine, Bovine, Equine, Swine, Ovine, Murine, or Open.

Top Pick Electrolyte Analyzer Online:

Erba Easylyte Electrolyte Analyzer:

  • EasyLyte is Easy to Use, Easy to Operate, Easy to Maintain
  • The entire menu is driven by 2 simple buttons
  • Results are displayed on an LCD screen as well as printouts
  • EasyLyte does 2 points as well as 1 point calibration
  • Facility to analyze different types of samples: whole blood, serum, plasma, urine samples EasyLyte has a capillary and syringe sampling facility
  • EasyLyte has an auto probe wiping facility
  • Analysis of electrolytes is done using 100ul of blood and 400ul of diluted urine
  • Rate of analysis 55 secs per sample
  • The analyzer is capable of storing 128 patients data with trilevel QC results
  • The analyzer has a modular plugin a reagent pack system
  • EasyLyte has a facility for auto calibrations with a programmed interval of 4 hrs and also calibration on dema The analyzer has the facility to upgrade to a walk away Electrolyte station by use of Auto Sampler
  • It has a built-in thermal printer and a RS 232 port for interfacing

Buy Electrolyte Analyzer from the best brands online:

  • Erba Electrolyte Analyzer- Erba Mannheim is a global company focused on creating a social impact in developing affordable and sustainable healthcare solutions. Electrolyte analyzer with maintenance-free electrodes in an all-in-one sensor cartridge, which directly measures Na+, Cl-, K+ and Ca2+ from whole blood, plasma, serum, and pre-diluted urine using a sensor incorporating thick film technology, with the ‘plug and play’ sensor cartridge EC90 is one top choice of doctors and for home use as well. Erba Electrolyte Analyzer price is lowest on hospitals store as compared to other sellers. 
  • Mindray Electrolyte Analyzer- The sturdy and advanced Mindray electrolyte analyzer offered here is made from high-quality products such as plastics, metal, hardened fiber, etc., and is available in multiple designs. They manufacture analyzers that are battery or electrically operated and come in both semi-automatic and automatic options. BC-20 is considered as one top choice of doctors and for home use as well. Mindray Electrolyte Analyzer price is lowest on hospitals store as compared to other sellers. 
  • Besic Electrolyte Analyzer: This Electrolyte Analyzer is of different types with multiple features like The close reagent pack is easy to replace, Multi-level calibrators and controls secure results accuracy, User-friendly operation, quick troubleshooting, and many more.
  • Roche Electrolyte Analyzer: Roche Electrolyte analyzer has a wide range of products with multiple features from which you can choose, Roche Electrolyte analyzer is lowest on hospitals store as compared to other sellers. 
  • Sensacore  Electrolyte AnalyzerSensacore Electrolyte analyzer offers a series of electrolyte analyzers that come with highly efficient functionality with the presence of all the essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, Ionized Calcium, Lithium, pH, and Chloride with calculated parameters in whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine. And most of them include reagents, electrodes, peristaltic pumps, and sample probes. Sensacore Electrolyte analyzer price is lowest on hospitals store as compared to other sellers. 

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Electrolyte analyzer.

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ERBA EasyLyte Electrolyte Analyzer
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Avantor Benesphera Electrolyte Analyzer, Fully Automatic
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Screen Size (Diagonal)7 Inch
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Accurex Enlite Automated Electrolyte Analyzer
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