Feeding Pump

What is a Feeding Pump:-
Food is important for the well-being of the body, and it is necessary for life. There are many people that require tube feeding because of certain physical conditions. Tube feeding is also known as enteral feeding. Modern technology has produced feeding pumps for all ages to feed accurately. Such feeding pump ensures patients are given the right volume of food.
Feeding pumps are meant to provide safe feeding for babies and geriatric patients of all ages. Feeding pumps are compact, portable, eternal and stationary feeding. In addition, these pumps can be easily set up to provide continuous or intermittent feeding for patients, and can provide automatic flushing ability. The feeding pumps must be used with pump sets.

Collection of supplies:

  • Feeding pump (electronic or battery powered)
  • Feeding set that corresponds to the feeding pump (includes a feeding bag, drip chamber, roller clamp, and long tube)
  • Bard button or MIC KEY extension set (this connects the button to the long tube on the feeding set)

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