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Feeding Pump Description:

A feeding pump is used to feed patients who are unable to eat normally with the help of their mouth. Food and medicines are given to the patient in the form of liquid so that they can go easily into the patient's body. The feeding pump is also used to feed newborn babies until they can chew.

Enteral feeding is another name for tube feeding. Modern technology has provided precise feeding pumps for people of all ages. This type of feeding pump ensures that patients receive the proper amount of food.
Feeding pumps are designed to ensure that neonates and elderly patients of all ages are fed safely. Pumps for feeding are small, portable, perpetual, and stationary. Furthermore, these pumps may be readily set up to give patients with continuous or intermittent feeding, as well as automated flushing. Pump sets must be utilised with the feeding pumps.

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Types of Feeding Pump:

We have listed these main types of feeding pumps:

  1. Breast Feeding Machine: Breastfeeding machines are used to feed newborn babies. Breast feeding machine cost range is between 2k to 6k. There are two types available in the market for a breast pump. One is manual breast pump and 2nd is electric breast pump.
  2. Enteral Feeding Pump: When a tube feeding needs to be given slowly over a long period of time, enteral pumps are used. When the patient is unable to accept gravity-fed Bolusus, feeding is done with the help of a 60cc syringe.

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Fresenius Kabi Amika Feeding Pump
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