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Fetal Monitor : A fetal monitor is an electronic unit that is used to track fetal heart rate and uterine contractions during labor, and prenatal monitoring of the health of the fetus. The heart rate of the baby and contractions can be monitored simultaneously or separately, and externally or internally. Fetal heart rate is detected externally via ultrasound waves through the mother's abdomen Uterine contractions are usually measured externally with a sensor applied to the mother's belly. The fetal heart rate can be measured internally once the water has broken - a sensor is applied to the baby's scalp to detect heart rate. If needed, the uterine contractions can also be measured internally with an electronic sensor. Whether the monitoring is external or internal, the mother's mobility is limited.

Fetal Doppler : Fetal doppler is an hand held device used for the diagnose of the fetal. It is used to listen the heart rate of the fetus. Fetal hand held doppler use the ultrasonic technology to enable practitioners to listen to the heartbeat of a fetus.

The average heart rate for fetuses ranges from 110bpm to 160 bpm. The heart rate of the fetus may change as the fetus responds to uterine conditions. An abnormal heart rate or pattern of the fetus may cause the fetus to not get enough oxygen or other problems. An abnormal pattern may also require the delivery of an emergency cesarean. Explore a big collection of Fetal Doppler, CTG Machine, NST Machine.

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