Fogstar Power jet Fogger Machine for Hospitals

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Conditionnew Installation Not Required Warranty 1 Years

  • Generates ultra fine aerosol fog with greater volume & area coverage capacity.
  • An ideal tool for fogging disinfectants, fumigants, biocides, fungicides, sanitizers & pesticides.
  • FOGSTAR POWERJET enables user to select optimum droplet size & flow control allowing to generate fine mist (1-3micron), medium fine mist (3-10 micron) suitable for all type of chemical treatment.
  • FOGSTAR POWERJET is ideal for aerial fumigation in operation theatres, laboratories, clinics, disinfection in food & beverage plants, disinfection in animal houses, pest control hospitality sectors etc.
  • Ensures uniform coverage for spaces & surfaces, delivers quality treatment for large as well as small area.
  • Saves huge labour & chemical costs as well as carries out faster treatment unthinkable with manual sprayers.
  • Easily treats difficult to reach & inaccessible areas.

* Solution tank available in stainless steel grade as well as engineering plastic materials.

  • Mold Removal using the FOGSTAR POWERJET machines is Fast and Simple!
  • Mold cleaning jobs with a pump up sprayer would take too much effort constantly pumping, but mold removal using fogger / mister can save time and effort by filing the tank and aiming the fog.
  • Anti mildew chemicals, biocides, fungicides, deodorants can be applied using FOGSTAR POWERJET which is ideally sized for do-it-yourself (DIY) indoors as well as outdoors home and business mold fogging remediation applications.
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  • 1 Years

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