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Folding Stretcher Description:

The folding stretcher is also called a collapsible stretcher. These foldable stretchers are used to carry the patient safely and with the comfort who are not able to walk. These stretchers have two poles that can be folded and that's why this stretcher is easy to carry in the ambulance for emergency purposes.

Buy Folding Stretcher at wholesale Price From Hospitals Store:

We offer the lowest folding stretcher price for doctors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and more. At our online hospital device store "Hospitals Store" we offer the best folding stretcher for ambulances. The foldable stretcher price at a hospitals store is the lowest price compared to other sellers. There are many options for collapsible stretchers with prices that can be purchased online. Shop with us to find the best emergency folding stretcher prices in India, as well as details, key features, pictures, ratings, and more. 

These ambulance folding stretchers are premium quality stretchers from reputed brands. These folding canvas stretchers are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field.

You can buy a folding stretcher for hospitals, clinics, etc. at wholesale price online at Hospitals Store. We've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right foldaway stretcher for your need as well as an affordable price according to your budget.

Buy Folding Stretcher Online From the Best Brands:

Buy hospital stretcher trolleys online at the best prices, only on Hospitals Store.

  • Aar Kay Folding Stretcher: Aar Kay Folding Stretchers are the top-selling folding stretchers in India. There are two main reasons for the popularity of the folding stretcher, one is their trustworthy high-quality product and 2nd is all over India product availability. 
  • Elite Plus Folding Stretcher: Their elite plus stretchers are improvised folding stretchers for hospital use. Elite Plus foldable stretcher price also suits your pocket. Elite Plus is known as one of the best emergency folding stretcher manufacturers.
  • UPL Folding Stretcher: UPL is a well-known brand in the medical products industry. UPL gives you all types of emergency folding stretchers, like collapsible stretcher, two-fold stretcher, four-fold stretcher, folding canvas stretcher, etc. The UPL folding stretcher cost is also affordable from Surgix.

Top Picks of Folding Stretcher Trolleys:

Overall the best folding stretchers - 

  • Aar Kay Folding Stretcher: With the best reviews for high-quality surgical folding stretchers, low maintenance, long life, and easy folding stretcher use, the Aar Kay Folding Stretcher is the best that comes with a very cheap folding stretcher price.
  • Elite Plus Folding Stretcher: Elite Plus foldable stretchers are on our top pick folding stretcher list due to their reviews for high-quality performance, low maintenance, long life, and easy use.
  • UPL Folding Stretcher: UPL folding stretchers are on our top pick fold stretcher list due to their reviews for high-quality performance, low maintenance, long life, and easy use.

Safety Measure and Instructions For Folding Stretcher:

  • If carrying a patient up or downstairs, the fold-up stretcher can be used to hold the patient as if sitting in a chair.
  • If possible, try to have carers of the same height carrying the foldable ambulance stretcher.
  • Minimum 2 carers to lift lightweight patients.
  • Maximum 4 carers to lift heavyweight patients.
  • Cleaning tips- Wash with normal or lukewarm water.
  • Ensure it gets dry before using or storing it.

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Folding stretcher.

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Niscomed 2 Fold stretcher
Save 51%
9,800.00 4,800.00
In stock
Product Weight7.5Kg
Niscomed four fold Folding Stretcher
Save 28%
7,500.00 5,400.00
In stock
Surgix Folding Stretcher Four-Fold
Save 41%
9,500.00 5,600.00
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)2100mm X 600mm X 110mm Product Weight7Kg
Kare KI-242 Folding Stretcher - Two Fold
Save 39%
9,800.00 5,950.00
MaterialAluminium ColorOrange Loading Capacity100kg Product Dimension (mm)210x53 cm Product Weight7.5Kg
Elite Plus Folding Stretcher - 2 fold
Save 38%
9,500.00 5,900.00
In stock
Hospital Furniture Size6 Feet Pole MaterialCanvas
Elite Plus Folding Stretcher Four Fold 6 Feet
Save 39%
10,500.00 6,450.00
MaterialAluminium Pole MaterialAluminium ColorOrange Loading Capacity159kg Product Dimension (mm)215 x 55 x 14cm
4,000.00 3,696.00
Product Weight5Kg
Aar Kay Canvas Folding Stretcher - Two Fold
Save 36%
7,500.00 4,800.00
Product Weight8Kg
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In stock
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Contact us for a price
In stock
Contact us for a price
In stock
Contact us for a price
In stock
Contact us for a price
In stock
Contact us for a price
In stock
Contact us for a price
In stock
Pole MaterialStainless Steel ColorMilatry Green Loading Capacity100kg Product Dimension (mm)2120x550x130 Product Weight7Kg
Contact us for a price
In stock
Pole MaterialAluminium ColorMilatry Green Loading Capacity100kg Product Dimension (mm)2200x550x150
Contact us for a price
MaterialAluminium ColorGreen Loading Capacity100kg Product Dimension (mm)210x 60x11 cm Product Weight6Kg
Contact us for a price
In stock
Hospital Furniture SizeStandard MaterialStainless Steel ColorMilitary Green Loading Capacity159kg Product Dimension (mm)1850×480x120
Contact us for a price
Hospital Furniture Size210 x 53 cm Pole MaterialMild Steel ColorOrange Loading Capacity100kg Product Dimension (mm)210 x 53 cm
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