Height Measuring Scale

What is Stadiometer ?

A stadiometer is a tool used for height measurement. This is usually found in a doctors' clinic. Height measuring scale are normally used for regular medical tests, but are also used for other tests and experiments.
A common stadiometer will feature both centimeters and inches, but its range can vary from device to device. In many models, the headpiece is also locked in order to record accurate measurement. They are generally made of aluminum or strong plastic materials.

Types of Stadiometer:-

A typical height scale is a ruler which is vertically mounted on a wall and has a moving horizontal part resting on a person's head. This piece here shows the vertical position on the ruler.

While the mechanical stadiometer, with wall installations, is still popular, various versions of the device exist. Some models of mechanical height meter scale use an electronic sensor in a digital reading system to measure the height. Also lightweight, portable stadiometers are available which can be used on a wall or stand.

Some wall-mounted stadiometers have hinges so that they can be moved flat against the wall when they are not in use.

There is also a retractable model that works similar to a measuring tape. After the tape has been extended to the full height of the patient, it can be locked and the results appear on the tape dispenser in the window.

There are also some height and weight machines that measures height and weight both. Some  height and weight measuring machine comes with voice function to indicate weight and height. 

Height rod(infant rod) which is basically a smaller version of the  stadiometer and is used horizontally for infant's height because infants are measured lying down, so physicians use a such type of equipment to determine their height. Another device is a rubber ruler that is large enough to hold the entire body of the infant.


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