About us


About us

HospitalsStore.com (A Division of Medsun Healthcare Solutions) is one of the leading medical device treading and distribution company. Our customers include Doctors, Hospitals, medical professionals, purchase managers; and end users such as patients, expecting mothers, etc. We serve our customers through direct mail, Mobile, Service support staff, field customer support engineers and use of internet and mobile technologies.

We support medical professionals by providing products and services in an efficient and transparent way. Our customers are connected, informed and adapt in using technology to their advantage.

Hospitals Store is the best online Hospitals and Medical Equipment store in India medical equipment industry. We supply all kinds of medical supply and medical equipment for home, hospital, health, surgical, retail, physician, medical office, surgical shop, local medical, enema, healthcare, paramedic, medical furniture and many more medical supplies store.

Hospitals Store is one of the leading medical instruments online Store in India which can provide medical supply from store available nearby you instantly and best service will be provided to you that cannot find in local medical supply store near you.

We have all India Service network to service our valuable customers. We understand the value of service for Medical equipment.

Hospitals store that sell medical equipment and supplies at very low and reasonable cost with the best sale price available at www.hospitalsstore.com and www.hospitalsstore.in. Our Products Services are available round the clock 24x7 hours online and our team work on Saturday and Sunday also.

Our Mission


To provide world-class, innovative Medical equipment, health care products and services; digitally to our customers - enabling them to deliver the best quality patient care in most efficient and cost effective way.

Our Vision


To be the top medical equipment company with all equipment and services under one roof.


Our Values


  • We believe digital technologies can help delivery the highest supply chain efficiency
  • We believe in providing transparency in pricing and features to enable customer manage their costs
  • We believe is minimizing complexity in sourcing and using medical products
  • We believe in offering the widest variety to our customer so that they can opt for what fits them best
  • We believe in high integrity in all aspects of our business.
  • We believe in delivering high quality products and service and continuously enhance quality levels.
  • We believe in continuous innovation and believe everything can be improved



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