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An insulin pump is a medical device that provides insulin doses to those who are suffering from type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. We offer home and portable insulin pump. Visit Hospitals stores and buy insulin pump online at best price. We provide a complete range of branded insulin machine such as Medtronic and etc. at the lowest price. 

Description of insulin pump

The insulin pump is the most important medical equipment for type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes patients. An insulin pump is designed to allow a flexible lifestyle for diabetic patients because the insulin pump is able to deliver insulin to the patient's body continuously through a small tube. The catheter of the Insulin pump is inserted under the skin with a needle. The needle is removed and the small tube (catheter) stays in place and the catheter connects to an insulin pump. Insulin device holds up to 300 units of insulin. The external insulin pump is worn all of the time but the catheter, tubing, insulin, and syringe that contains insulin are changed every two to three days, Insulin pumps are also called patch pump and diabetes pump.

Types of insulin pumps 

There are different types of insulin pumps, Every insulin infusion pump is slightly different from each other information about these types of insulin pumps is given below. 

Tethered pump: These insulin pumps are those that have a length of flexible tubing (which is also called a catheter) between the insulin pump itself and the cannula (the short, thin tube which goes through the skin). The insulin pump usually features controls, and it is free to be tucked into pockets or carried in pump pouches which can be worn under or outside of clothing.

Patch pump: A patch pump is one in which the pump is connected to the skin's surface. The controls for the pump are located on the remote control to allow the pump to be as tiny as possible. The patch pump's remote control can also be used as a blood glucose meter. The biggest advantage of a patch pump is that it has no tubing that can get caught on handles and other things.

Implanted insulin pump (IIP): An implantable insulin pump is a pump that stays inside the body. A diabetic implanted insulin pump is able to deliver insulin into the patient’s which has a rich supply of blood vessels and can therefore absorb insulin very efficiently. The patient who implanted insulin pumps has reported an improved sense of wellbeing.

Closed-loop insulin pump: Closed-loop insulin delivery is also called the “artificial pancreas”, closed-loop diabetes system that tries to mimic the human pancreas. A closed-loop system insulin pump is meant to do by using real-time continuous glucose monitor data to automatically adjust the closed-loop diabetes pump’s basal insulin delivery.

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You can buy insulin machine pump for hospitals, clinics, etc. at wholesale prices online at Hospitals Store. We've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right insulin machine pump for your need as well as affordable price according to your budget.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Insulin pump.

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