Intersurgical Cirrus 2 Nebulizer Breathing System

Intersurgical Cirrus 2 Nebulizer Breathing System
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Product Feature:-

  • T-Kit breathing system
  • Non-PVC mask
  • Gas flow: 8 L/min
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

Product Detail:-

  • The Intersurgical Cirrus 2 Nebulizer Breathing System is designed to minimise the residual volume and reduce drug wastage

  • The Cirrus 2 Adult mask kit incorporates the Eco aerosol mask, this non-PVC mask reduces the environmental impact of this product compared with a conventional mask kit by 28%

  • At a driving gas flow of 8 L/min, 74% of the volume output will be particles less than 5 microns in diameter with a mass median diameter (MMD) of 3.3 microns

  • How To Clean The Parts: Clean the parts after each use

  • Discard any remaining medication in the medication cup

  • Wash the parts in warm water and mild detergent

  • Rinse them thoroughly with clean hot tap water and allow to air dry in a clean place

  • Do Not Disinfect the Air Tube and Child Mask in boiling water

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