Centrifuge machine

Description of Centrifuge Machine 

A centrifuge machine is a type of laboratory equipment that is used to separate suspended particles from fluids, gas or liquid, based on density. Centrifuge separation is achieved by spinning a vessel at high speed centrifuge machine containing material. The blood centrifuge machine is found in most laboratories from academic to clinical to research and used to purify cells, subcellular organelles, viruses, proteins, and nucleic acids. There are multiple types of medical centrifuge machine, which can be classified by intended use of centrifuge machine. From the large floor variety to the micro centrifuge machine, there are many varieties available of digital centrifuge machine for the researcher. Laboratory centrifuge come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of many different applications.

Clinical centrifuge machine is used in various laboratories to separate gases, fluids, or liquids on the basis of their density. A lab centrifuge machine is often used for cell, virus, protein, and nucleic acid purification. An example of a centrifuge machine used in a clinical setting is for the separation of whole-blood components. Different types of serum or plasma, which may be obtained with the help of a centrifuge separator machine. Serums are obtained by letting a whole blood sample clot at room temperature. The sample is then centrifuged with the help of a laboratory centrifuge machine and the clots are removed, leaving a serum supernatant. Unlike serum, plasma is obtained from whole blood that is not left to clot and contains serum along with clotting factors. To obtain plasma, a whole blood sample is collected in tubes treated with anticoagulants. Following centrifugation, cells are removed and plasma supernatant remains. 

What are the uses of centrifuge machine?

Centrifuge machines are a crucial tool for laboratories, a laboratory centrifuge machine is used for a variety of tasks, ranging from extracting liquids to separating mixtures. The centrifuge machine used for the following purpose-

  • Lab centrifuge machines remove cellular elements from blood to provide cell-free plasma or serum for analysis.
  • Centrifuge machine remove chemically precipitated protein from an analytical specimen.
  • Utilize immunochemical and other assays to differentiate between protein-bound and free ligand.
  • Blood centrifuge machine do separation of the DNA, RNA, and subcellular organelle.
  • In biological fluids, transfers from aqueous to organic solvents.
  • Centrifuge filter machine separates lipid components

How Many Types of Laboratory Centrifuge Machine?

Centrifuge machines are essential equipment used in many laboratories for a variety of applications. Different types of electric centrifuge machine exist that come with different specifications and features, making them suitable for different tasks.

Benchtop Centrifuge Machine:-  These centrifuge machines are a broad class of centrifuge machine for laboratory, characterized by their small bench space footprint. Depending on the research need, a variety of different aspects can be considered. Maximum speed in RCFs can range from as low as a few hundred to over 50,000 x g. Tube volumes can range from under 1 mL (such as with PCR tubes) to a few liters. Different types of rotors such as fixed angle, swinging bucket, and continuous flow are also typically interchangeable. Benchtop and tabletop centrifuge machines are provided place-saving, fixed and variable speed used for applications including tissue culture, protein work, DNA/RNA research, and cell harvesting.

Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine:-  Refrigerated centrifuge machines are compact lab centrifuge machine instruments that are ideal machine used for centrifugation of samples that may be temperature sensitive, such as live cells, animals or proteins. Many feature interchangeable rotors and adaptors to accommodate a wide range of sample volumes, from under 1 mL to a few liters. The speed of the centrifuge machine can also vary, and some models can reach up to 60,000 x g. This centrifuge machine of laboratory equipment is a must-have device for any laboratory, as it can be used to separate a variety of mixtures quickly and easily. Medical centrifuge machine is also an important tool for those working in the medical field for diagnosing diseases, preparing samples, or extracting compounds from cells.

Micro Centrifuge Machine:- These centrifuge machines are staple instruments in many research laboratories that generally accommodate small tube volumes such as 2 mL, 1.5 mL, 0.5 mL and PCR tubes. Micro centrifuges machine for routine laboratory procedures typically spin at speeds up to 16,000 x g, while more specialized mobile centrifuge machine instruments can reach speeds up to 30,000 x g. In addition, centrifuge machine manufacturers may also offer interchangeable rotors and tube adaptors. 

Digital Centrifuge Machine:- This centrifuge machine has made centrifugation easier than ever before. It allows scientists to process samples quickly and accurately, increasing efficiency in their workflow. With its ability to simultaneously process multiple samples at once, this laboratory centrifuge machine helps reduce time spent on tasks, providing more accurate results compared to traditional methods. The digital centrifuge machine is an important tool for medical research and clinical diagnostics, allowing scientists to quickly identify molecules and other particles in a sample, they have become essential equipment in laboratories across the world.

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Best Centrifuge Machine BrandsPrice Range
Remi Centrifuge MachineINR 8K - INR 62K
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Overall, the best Laboratory centrifuge machine -   

Remi R8C Centrifuge machine - With the best reviews for high-quality centrifuge machine, low maintenance, everywhere service center availability, long life, and easy use for centrifugation, the Remi R8C centrifuge machine is the best medical centrifuge machine. This laboratory centrifuge machine price ranges between INR 48.5K - INR 51K.

MLabs Doctor Plastic Centrifuge Machine 8 X 15 ML 4000RPM- MLabs benchtop doctor centrifuge machine is in our top pick centrifuge machine list due to its reviews for high-quality performance, low maintenance, long life, and easy medical laboratory centrifuge machine use. MLabs benchtop coctor centrifuge machine price is also pocket friendly.  

Remi C-852 Laboratory Centrifuges- The Remi C-852 laboratory centrifuge machine is the perfect choice for laboratories seeking powerful performance in a compact design. This convenient centrifuge machine in laboratory offers quick, easy separations with its 4x15 ml swing out head capacity, allowing you to process multiple samples at once. Blood centrifuge machine operates on 220 - 240 Volts 50 Hz, offering reliable and efficient processing every time. With its ergonomic design and intuitive controls, this centrifuge makes light work of even your most time-consuming tasks.

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What is the price of centrifuge machine in India in March 2023?

The centrifuge machine cost is directly related to the specification and features of the laboratory centrifuge machine, and it also depends on the brand of machine you want to buy. Normally, laboratory centrifuge machine price in India ranges between INR 1500 to INR 65000. We're dealing with lots of the best centrifuge machines; you can buy your digital centrifuge machine at Hospitalsstore.com online.

Price of Centrifuge machine in INDIA, in March 2023:-

Product Price
BARD Medical Remi R8C Centrifuge Machine, With 16x15 Ml and Swing Out 49,862.40
Laboratory Centrifuge Machine Medium-High Speed 10000 rpm 29,999.00
MLabs Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge Machine, 8 X 15 ML 4000 RPM, Plastic 1,850.00

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What type of centrifuge machines we have?

We have all types of centrifuge machine for hospitals, clinics, laboratory and other medical institution. We offer the lowest centrifuge machine price is very affordable compare to other seller. Our big range of centrifuge machines includes the following:-

  1. Remi R8C Centrifuge machine - We offer the Remi R8C Centrifuge Machine. Remi R8C Centrifuge Machine available at the best price.
  2. Laboratory centrifuge medium-high speed - We have Laboratory centrifuge medium-high machine for hospitals and clinics in our centrifuge machine category.
  3. MLabs benchtop Doctor centrifuge machine - Get MLabs benchtop Doctor centrifuge machine at the lowest price only on hospitalsstore.com
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Buy Centrifuge Machine online in India, in March 2023:-

Product Price
BARD Medical Remi R8C Centrifuge Machine, With 16x15 Ml and Swing Out 49,862.40
Laboratory Centrifuge Machine Medium-High Speed 10000 rpm 29,999.00
MLabs Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge Machine, 8 X 15 ML 4000 RPM, Plastic 1,850.00

What are the top selling centrifuge machine in INDIA, in March 2023?

At Hospitals Store you will get the most up-to-date top-selling dental centrifuge machine in India with latest discounted price. Here we are listing some best branded lab centrifuge machine as of March 2023, available in the Indian market to assist you in finding the best deal and centrifuge machine model.

Here is a list for top-selling Centrifuge Machine in India, March 2023:

Product Price
BARD Medical Remi R8C Centrifuge Machine, With 16x15 Ml and Swing Out 49,862.40
Laboratory Centrifuge Machine Medium-High Speed 10000 rpm 29,999.00
MLabs Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge Machine, 8 X 15 ML 4000 RPM, Plastic 1,850.00

Which is the best low cost Centrifuge Machine in India, in March 2023?

If you're looking for best Centrifuge Machine, but you want to avoid spending too much so don't worry, let us tell you about the top quality blood centrifuge machine for sale available in India, in March 2023.

Best Low Cost Centrifuge Machine in India, in March 2023:

Product Price
MLabs Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge Machine, 8 X 15 ML 4000 RPM, Plastic 1,850.00

Which is the Best Centrifuge Machine in India, in March 2023?

Before buying a Centrifuge Machine, the first question that will come to mind is which centrifuge machine is the best. So, there is no need to be concerned; let us tell you about the top best laboratory centrifuge machine available in India, in March 2023. 

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Best Centrifuge Machine in India, in March 2023

Product Price
BARD Medical Remi R8C Centrifuge Machine, With 16x15 Ml and Swing Out 49,862.40

What is a Centrifuge machine used for?
32,000.00 29,999.00
BARD Medical Remi R8C Centrifuge Machine, With 16x15 Ml and Swing Out
Save 30%
71,232.00 49,862.40
MLabs Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge Machine, 8 X 15 ML 4000 RPM, Plastic, Choose Model : Plastic
Save 23%
2,400.00 1,850.00
MLabs Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge Machine, 8 X 15 ML 4000 RPM, Copper, Choose Model : Copper
Save 12%
3,000.00 2,650.00
MLabs Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge Machine, 8 X 15 ML 4000 RPM, Aluminium, Choose Model : Aluminium
Save 23%
2,400.00 1,850.00
Product Dimension (mm)310 x 310 x 295 Product Weight6.8 Kg
Product Weight6 Kg AC input voltage220 - 240V
Product Dimension (mm)310 x 310 x 295 Product Weight8.5 Kg AC input voltage220 - 240V
Product Dimension (mm)310 x 310 x 295 Product Weight8.5 Kg
Contact us for a price
Product Dimension (mm)158 x 270 x 212 Product Weight4.5 Kg
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