Bipap Machine/ Bipap Ventilator

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Rs.139,920.00 Rs.99,217.00 (Rs.111,123.04 inc tax)
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Description BIPAP Machine : -

Bipap or BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure- is an oxygen therapy system with a CPAP which is very similar in shape and function. However, although the BiLevel machine has two separate pressures, the CPAP provides a fixed press. The BiPAP system provides one type of inhalation pressure environment, which is called IPAP and a separate exhalation process pressure called EPAP.

Bipap Machine is used for the treatment of sleep apnea. Patients with obstructive Sleep apnea treated with BiPAP wear a face mask during sleep which is connected to a pump (BiPAP machine) that forces air into the nasal passages at pressures high enough to overcome obstructions in the airway and stimulate normal breathing. The airway pressure delivered into the upper airway is continuous during both inspiration and expiration..Hospitals Store deal in all type of BiPAP machine. Bipap machine is avalibles from the top brands like Philips , Resmed , Respircare, BMC Medical , BPL Medical , DeVilbiss, weinmann , Fisher & Paykel. Bipap Machine Cost are also affordable. Buy Bipap machine, Bipap Ventilator from wide range of brand from




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1.) What is Bipap Machine ? 
BiPAP stands for a positive pressure on the airways at two stages. It is one form of PAP, or positive airway pressure system, used in humans with COPD to maintain a steady breathing pattern at night or during symptom flare-ups. 
Bipap Machine  are  often-used non-invasive ventilation (NIV) therapies. 
The machine pressures up the air in the room to a higher level than the air, thus allowing a human to take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This lets them breathe more quickly, either when they're sleeping or when symptoms flare up. The pressure should be reduced after exhalation so that the patient can breathe out from a gentle atmosphere. However, during the inhalation process, the system may raise pressure to recommended levels to ensure compliance.  
2.) What are standard component of Bipap Machine ?
A standard BiPAP machine should consist of the following components:
  • An Airflow generator : This is usually enclosed in a small box, and usually includes a motorized fan. The generator draws air from the room, pressures it, and transmits the changed air to the user through the face mask.
  • A connective hose : That is what helps the generator interact with the mask. Many should be measuring at least 6 feet in length.                          
  • A humidifier : Many BiPAP machines that come with a detachable or built-in humidifier whose job is to warm water which is used to humidify the air through the mask before it is delivered to the user.
  • A Filter : The filter should protect the air against dust and other allergens that may contaminate it before transmitting it to the user.
  • MaskThe mask is usually bought separately, and the majority of masks are sold in various shapes and sizes to match the tastes of people. Generally, you will find four main types of masks :           
   A full mask : This suits beautifully around your mouth and nose. This is great for people who want to sleep with open mouth.
   Nasal mask  : This one is a little short, and will fit over your nose, not your mouth. Ideal for people who breathe when they sleep with their nose.
   A Nasal Cradal It goes well under your nose and delivers oxygen to your nose without actually blocking your nasal bridge.
   A Nasal Pillow : This is a pillow mask that forms a seal around each of your nostrils without ever coming into contact with the nose or mouth bridge.
3.) How to operate a BiPAP Machine ?  
  • Make sure the computer is set on a stable surface where it can't easily fall or change positions during the night.
  • The machine is plugged into an AC or DC socket.
  • When detaching the humidifier, note to fill the chamber with distilled water before installing it. If it's placed on the panel, pour water into the chamber.
  • Attach the face mask and the connective horse to the generator.
  • Put the mask on and adjust it as needed.
  • Turn on the BiPAP machine.
  • Adjust to the settings you will need throughout the night.



4.) Points to remember during buying the Bipap Machine ?
It is important to know the key features and design elements when searching for a BiPAP Machine that you should be looking for. This purchasing guide will help you determine what to look for and introduce you to the terms used by these devices as well.
  • Pressure range : This refers to the amount of air that can be pressurized by the machine. Most of them will need 4-16 centimeters of water, i.e., cm/h2o.  – this is the measurement used to measure the pressure. Look for a BiPAP machine that has a range of 4-20 because unless the doctor prescribes to you differently, this is what is needed.
  • Noise level : BiPAP machines have become quieter with the latest technologies, but you should know there are some which continue to be very noisy and disruptive. Be sure to look for a device that is not going to annoy  other people in the household because of its noise levels. A BiPAP machine's noise level is expressed in dbA (a-weight decibels)-this represents the loudness of the air-based sound.
  • Humidifier : Some BiPAP machines will be fitted with a built-in humidifier while others have no. If your unit is not fitted with a humidifier, that means you will have to purchase it separately which will cost you more.The humidifier helps to add pressurized air to the system as a result of using the system, so the throat becomes less sore and dried out. Therefore it is important because you are going to use this machine on a daily basis.
  • Automatic controls : It is necessary to have a machine which will allow you to make changes when appropriate. For example, you can change the air pressure level the machine is producing, or event the altitude at which     the  machine is working at.For a BiPAP machine these kinds of control changes are important as they help make life easier. Buy a machine which gives you this kind of control and versatility.
  • Sleep data collection : These are BiPAP machine related info. Find a machine to help you keep notes, as it lets you understand your sleep habits. It can also help you to know the extent of your sleep apnea, and if the BiPAP  machine works as expected.
  • Warranty : A BiPAP machine is considerably priced, and so a warranty guarantees you directly from the manufacturer of the machine's capacity. Even a warranty will protect you from a malfunctioning machine and will help if you need a replacement.