7 Ways to reduce medical equipment Service and maintenance cost.


7 ways to reduce medical equipment Service and maintenance cost.

Maintenance and service of medical equipment are big challenge for hospitals . It is a major  part of any hospital monthly and yearly expenditure budget.
Most of the time we notice that the doctor or owner of the hospital is busy in their medical practice to earn more profit and on the other hand spending a lot of money on inefficient service model. It is very important and necessary for any Hospital to reduce their medical equipment service and maintenance cost. Because less cost will lead to more profit.

         1. Ensure Medical equipment is properly handled and maintained, Keep an inventory.

You should keep and inventory of all your medical equipment and supplies  to track the record and  educate your staff and medical equipment user to keep the cable the accessories properly and well maintained . Most of the sensor and cable outside the equipment stop functioning due to damage and mishandling . You can guide your staff and making a procedure and assign a responsibility to the in charge to maintain the equipment and tell them about the purchase cost so that they can value it . 

2. Reduced Coverage Options for medical equipment service organizations

If you feel comfortable handling with elements of your equipment maintenance, some service Organization  will remove these services from their contract for boilerplate service and reduce their pricing.
For instance, if you replaced the X-ray tube on your X-ray Machine just recently, it is less likely to fail. Coverage this part cost you high and by putting it out of service agreement you can reduce cost . 
If you have an in-house biomedical engineer, you may also want to consider a parts/component-only agreement where the service organization covers failed parts and components and the replacement of parts is handled by your own engineers.

3. Multi-System service Agreements.

You should choose for multi system service agreements. The service organizations will charge you less per system. Because multi system service agreement reduce operational cost for service organizations and they can transfer the discount to you.

4. Long-Term service Agreements.

Long-term service agreement also work in the similar way as multisystem . You can choose for long terms service agreements. Most independent service organizations will give a discounted rate per year if you agree to buy service coverage for multiple years. Think of this as buying in bulk. The more years you buy, the bigger this discount is likely to be.

5. Advance Payment can reduce your cost.

Yes, You will be surprise to know that advance upfront payment reduce your cost. If you have some cash available , You offer this option to the service organization next time and ask for discount .It will work
This option is an easy way to reduce your maintenance costs. By paying more now, a service organization will reduce the price you pay overall. Moreover, the amount of your discount will increase in proportion to the percentage of the total contract cost you pay up front.

6. Do some comparison before buying.

Higher prices don’t always mean better service . Look for the price for the parts and service agreement with other  service organizations. Now days there are many online store all over the work which even provide spare parts for equipments and I have to say that even many service provider buy from them and insall in the hospitals buy keeps their high margins .
On the other hand you can maintain a list of 8-10 service organizations that offer service to your location and always do a price comparison.  

7.  Don’t make purchase process lengthy and time wasting.

Always try to keep your purchase process fast and less time consuming and efficient. I don’t recommend more than 2 meetings with the service organizations to finalize .
 If you have question can solve over phone. Because more the time you will waste more it will be charged to you . You will be surprise to know that Service organizations calculate their cost as per there time wasting and lengthy process. Suppose service organizations have to sign are report at five places before you release a payment to them . I am 100% sure that they will charge you more while finalizing the service contract.      
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