Modular Operation Theaters (OT)

$5,237.65 $4,609.13 (Including tax)
Double Arm OT Pendant Medsun Save
$2,514.07 $1,990.31 (Including tax)
$330.88 $235.29 (Including tax)
Endoscopy OT Pendant Medsun Save
$2,514.07 $2,053.16 (Including tax)
Gerflor - Mipolam 180 Homogenous Vinyl Flooring, Colour/ Shade: Yellow 2001 Save
$441.18 $176.47 (Including tax)
Gerflor - Mipolam Elegance EL5 Homogenous ESD - Vinyl Flooring, Colour: Light Grey 0350 Save
$441.18 $250.00 (Including tax)
Gerflor-Homogenous Vinyl Flooring Gerflor - Mipolam Ambiance Ultra, Colour/ Shade: Sand 2061 Save
$441.18 $191.18 (Including tax)
HEPA Filter for Modular OT 700-800 CFM each filter (Pack of 3) Save
$314.26 $219.98 (Including tax)
$5,237.65 $2,618.82 (Including tax)
$5,237.65 $2,409.32 (Including tax)
$272.36 $62.85 (Including tax)
$1,152.28 $942.78 (Including tax)
Modular OT X-Ray View (Double) Screen Save
$628.52 $314.26 (Including tax)
One Bay Surgical Scrub Station Automatic With Mixer Medsun Save
$1,361.79 $1,152.28 (Including tax)
PRIMO SD (9200) Save
$411.76 $294.12 (Including tax)
Rigid Arm OT Pendant Medsun Save
$2,095.06 $963.73 (Including tax)
Single Arm OT Pendant Medsun Save
$2,095.06 $1,382.74 (Including tax)
SKK Paints Singapore Antibacterial Paint for Modular Operation Theater (OT) Save
$1,047.53 $733.26 (Including tax)
STANDARD PLUS - VINYL FLOORS 10 Sqr Meter Roll, Colors/ Shade: Light Grey 10898 Save
$294.12 $191.18 (Including tax)
$3,666.35 $2,723.58 (Including tax)
Writing Board Modular OT Medsun Save
$167.60 $104.75 (Including tax)
Three bay Surgical Scrub Station Automatic With Mixer Medsun Save
$2,514.07 $2,053.16 (Including tax)
Two bay Surgical Scrub Station Automatic With Mixer Medsun Save
$2,095.06 $1,676.05 (Including tax)

Description:- Modular Operation Theatre also known as Modular OT, manufactures and designing for hospital operation room, laboratories etc. Most integrated functions are always required in an operating department, such as cleanliness must be preserved and the safety facilities, equipment and device must be maintained any times.

About Modular Operation Theatre (OT) 

An operating theater is a facility required within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile environment. A Modular OT broadly involves use of modular pre-fabricated wall panels, modular ceiling with laminar flow system, hermetically sealed doors and anti-static flooring to form the shell. The wall and ceiling panel of Modular Operation Theatre can be made out of following material as per customer requirement.

A) 50mm EGP Steel PUF sandwiched panel ( using 0.8mm +0.8mm sheet) 
B) Stainless steel SS202 or SS304 panels.
C) High-pressure Laminate panels as per EN standard.
D) 1.6 mm thick EGP steel panels backed by 12mm thick Gypsum.

The Operation room wall will have two independent surfaces with a minimum opening in between. The external walls of the Modular OT room will be constructed with solid bricks with cement plastering. The inner surfaces walls will be constructed with 1EGP Steel PUF sandwiched panel (Indian make) these panels will have flame resistance to BS1142 part 3.

Other add-on equipment in a modular OT include items such as pressure relief dampers, ceiling pendants, touch screen panels, wall surgical panels etc. Further, use of audio-video equipment and internet connectivity within the OT, gives rise to a digitally integrated modular OT which elevates the operating room activity to a entirely different level of technological sophistication.

Medsun pre-fabricated modular and integrated operation theatres are ergonomically designed and follow HTM 2025 and NABH standard. HTM2025 standard is adopted by many health authorities all over the world. Medsun pre-fabricated OT's are designed to ensure ease of transportation, installation, commissioning and testing and also meet the stringent requirements of modern operation theatres.

Design and Construction of MOT as per NABH Guidelines for Hospitals:

The construction of an operating room is very complicated nowadays, it not only requires a space for future devices that will be applied in operation theatres with flexible design, but also it requires meeting the air – cleaning requirement for NABH . To meet the demand, modular operation theatre was developed based on this and through years of experience and improvement, it appears the reliability at a low cost, it has been applying to large and middle size hospitals all over of country, now it goes to middle and small – size hospitals.

Why Do we Need Modular OT : -

  1.  To stop the generation of bacteria.
  2. To always retain the OT under positive air pressure.
  3. Ensure maximum safety standard.
  4. Ensure flexibility.
  5. Minimise maintenance.
  6. Ensure functional separation of spaces.
  7. Regulates traffic flow.
  8. To prevent noscominal infections.
  9. Hygienic atmosphere.
  10. Homogenous unidirectional air ceiling system.

Major components of pre-fabricated modular operation theatre:

  • Operation theatre wall and ceiling Panels :   Modular Operation Theatre wall panel 50mm thk  and ceiling Panel 30mm thk will be constructed using 0.8mm EGP Steel sandwich panel with core consisting of rigid polyurethane foam, which has been injected under high pressure, with a minimum density of 40 kg/m3
  • Antibacterial Paint layer  :-  Antibacterial Paint one primer coat along with two coats of Antibacterial & Antifungal Paint coating system ,which protects against the growth of micro-organism, such as mould ,funbgi, yeast and bacteria on its surface. Meets with Fire safety Norms and a minimum dry film thickness of 300 microns. 
  • Vinyl ESD Flooring :- Seamless Conductive Flooring System (100% recyclable), having  thk of 2mm, this tile is chemical resistant & anti bacterial & anti fungal property resistance. with perfectly curved flush covings, all joints covered properly hot welded with the same material.
  • Laminar air flow system :  Laminar air Flow 2400X24000 mm (Planair Ceiling system) with unidirectional airflow. Plenum unit, Holding structure & Top plenum are made of Aluminium Sheet 1.6mm thk. with hepa filter having efficiency 99.97% down to 0.3 micron.. The laminar flow system shall have such design that it provides "S"  class Hepa filter . The filter housing terminals are made of a one pice frame and plenum with perfact thightness features with Diffuser .
  • OT Surgeon control panel : Surgeon control panel membrance type Operation Theatre Control Panel  (6 service Tiles) mounted flush in the theatre wall with Electrical Distribution Board complete with all accessories etc. The control panel comprising of the following :- 
    I) 1 no Day Time Digital Clock 
    II) 1 no Elapsed Time Digital Clock 
    III) 1 no Hands Free Telephone 
    IV) Medical Gas Alarm ( 5 gas ) 
    V) Temperature & Humidity display control ( Optional : Pressure difference ) 
    VI) Peripheral Light Control and Optional Radio/FM music 
  • X- Ray View screen :  Two Plate Dimmable LED X-Ray viewing screen ( Dimming range 3 - 100% Flicker free) )  complete with all accessories etc.
  • Ceiling Medical & Surgical pendants : Signle Arm or Double Arm Pendent  with 800+ 800 mm Console with six electrical sockets 5/15 ampere, Two monitor shelf and 6 nos. of gas outlets option  
  • Peripheral light :  Recess mounted IP54 protocol, non-hygroscopic based Peripheral Lights to be mounted on falce ceiling for clean room application and digital dimmable ballast.
  • Writing or list board : OT Operating writing List Board of size 948mm X 648mm complete with all accessories.
  • Operation theatre door Automatic /Manual : Automatic or Manual hermatically sealed Sliding Door  (1500mm wide 2100mm height),  Open/Closing Door complete with glass vision window of 300mm x 300mm,  alongwith all necessary accessories etc.
  • Pressure relief damper (PRD)  :-  Pressure Relief Dampers having made out SS304, 1.5mm thick & the multiple blades also made of 304 graded stainless steel with sleeve & aluminum grill for maintaining the positive pressure inside the operation theatre complete with all accessories etc.
  • Storage Unit : Storage Unit size of (1665mm x 865mm x 350mm) made of 1.5mm EGP 120 GSM Zinc coated steel  complete with all accessories etc.
  • Air Conditioning with Humidity and Temperature Control  : 4000 or 3000 CFM AHU with Condensing Unit as per requirement ,  System & Condensing Unit  with 100% Fresh Air, Static Pressure - 125. With double blower.FAN SECTION – KRUGER/ NIKOTRA MOTOR – CROMPTON GREAVES / ABB / BHARAT BIJLI (B) Condensing Unit : micro Processor controlled Air Cooled Condensing Unit of 11 TR ( 5.5 +5.5) , hermetically sealed scroll compressor for R-22, refrigerant, complete with motor, condenser, fan of 3 phase connection. (VOLTAS/ BLUESTAR/HITACHI/ OTHER )  (C) Electrical Control Panel with Interlocking of AHU, CU, Thermostatic Volt Meter with temperature control interlocking system
  • Aluminum Ducting :- Aluminum Ducting ( 22 * 24 gauge ) with curves & bends where indicated for easy flow of air tight by applying silicon sealant after fabrication. Hangers will be provided to ducts & will be suspended be means of G.I. coated rod & these will not be more than 2.5 mtrs apart. Thermal insulation with 9mm XPE with aluminum foil for supply & return air ducts. Joints will be lapped with Nitrile tape for better insulation. 
  • Dirty hatch or pass box
  • Electrical Distribution board
  • Operation theatre table 
  • Operation theatre Surgical light
  • Scrub station 
  • Other Electrical equipments