Patient Monitor Accessories

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BCI Adult finger clip Type spo2 sensor Save
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BPL ECG 10lead EKG cable with 10 leadwires banana plug 10 lead ecg cable banana 4.0 ekg cable for BPL 9108, 9108D, 6208 view, 8108, Genx3, Gen1 Save
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CONTEC Sidestream ETCO2 Module Respiratory EtcCO2 Sensor Save
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Description :-

Accessories for the patient monitor are ECG Cables,SpO2 Sensors, NIBP cuffs, NIBP lead, IBP Cable and EtCOCable.       


Patient Monitor Accessories 

1. ECG Cable :-

                     An five lead ECG Cable is provide with the Patient Monitor. ECG Cable contains the transducer which convert the ionic signal into electrical signal and measure the electical activity of heart (ECG : Electocardiogram). 

2. SpO2 Probe :-

                     SpO2 Probe contain an sensor at one end which is attached to the patient fingure for measure the level of saturated oxygen in blood.SpO2 Sensor work on the principle of plethsmography.  


Patient Monitor Accessories


3. NIBP Cuff and hose :-

                               Blood pressure of an patient is measure by non-invasive tecnique using the NIBP cuff and hose. NIBP (Non-invasive Blood Pressure) measured by the monitor work on the principle of Oscillometric method of BP measurement.

4. Temperature Probe :-

                                Temperature probe used to measure the temperature of the patient. It contain the thermistor for the measurement of the temperature.

5. EtCO2 Cable :- 

                          EtCO2 cable consist the sensor for the measurement of the EtCO2 (Expiratory End tidal CO2) through an sampling line. It can be main stream or side stream based on the location of the sensor.   

               Main stream EtCO2 :- Sensor is inserted via a airway adapter (Sample taken directly from airway).

            Side stream EtCO2 :- Sensor located inside the monitor (through sampling line exhalation air is passed).