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Multipara Monitor

$1,990.31 $1,250.00 (Including tax)
Optional Items / ParametersDual IBP Screen Size 10 AC input voltage100 - 240 V
$1,795.06 (Including tax)
Optional Items / ParametersIBP, CO, EtCO2, AGM Screen Size 15, 12 AC input voltage100 - 240 V
$1,397.06 $838.24 (Including tax)
Product Dimension (mm)320x170x280mm Product Weight5Kg ColorWhite
$2,534.21 (Including tax)
Product Weight4Kg ColorWhite AC input voltage100 - 240 V

Multipara Monitor Description :-

The multiparameter monitors are designed to provide a number of information on one screen, thus providing multiple information needed to understand the condition of the patient. Offering flexible solutions for varying critical care needs has emerged as a monitor.

Through offering a broader monitoring range, they provide a comprehensive understanding of the patient. These monitoring devices provide reading like heart rate, central venous pressure, non-invasive blood pressure, ECG, SpO2, PaCO2 and invasive blood pressure and temperature. The screen has a warning where it is possible to set the parameters and warn the caregiver to move beyond the specified parameter.


Multipara Monitor Available: 

  • BPL Multipara Monitor
  • Mindray Multipara Monitor
  • Contec Multipara Monitor
  • Edan Multipara Monitor 
  • Comen Multipara Monitor 


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