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Needle Holders :

A Needle Holder, also known as a needle driver or needle forceps, is used to grasp a suturing needle during surgical procedures. Needle holder forceps are surgical instruments and used to hold suturing needles during surgical activity. Needle holding forceps have main 3 parts, jaws, handle and joint.

  • Needle holders are specialized hemostats that are used to keep needles in place throughout surgical procedures. 
  • These needle holders aid suturing by securely gripping the needle. 
  • Needle holders function with integrated clamps to keep the needle in place for as long as needed. The Mayo-Hegar and Mathieu variants are the two most common needle holders. 
  • The Mayo-Hegar needle driver's clamp mechanism is released by Bow's lateral pressure. 
  • To open the Mathieu-type needle holder, the handles are pressed past the arrestment point.
Use of Needle Holders :
  • The needle holder, commonly known as the needle driver, is an essential component of every surgical procedure. 
  • While the surgeon is doing the surgical procedure, there is a chance that the needle can fall or slip.
  • As a result, surgeons utilize needle-holder forceps to keep the needles from slipping and to reach areas of the patient's body that are difficult to reach by hand.

Needle Holder Types:

There are many types of needle holder forceps, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of surgical needle holder available.

1. Castroviejo Needle Holder : A flat catch-spring handle is included on this needle holder. It's also available in a range of lengths. These needle holders are used in microsurgery for suturing anastomoses. Microsurgery is where needle holders are most commonly employed. The fineness of their tip and the mechanism of their handle, which allows the jaws to be engaged without effort, set them apart from other needle holders. Castroviejo needle drivers are mostly used in microsurgery operations.

2. Mayo Hegar Needle Holder : Needle holders by Mayo-Hegar are used in a variety of surgical procedures. Because of its flexibility, it is one of the most widely used surgical tools for both human and animal procedures, and because of its wide jaws, it is usually used with larger, heavier suture needles. Serrated needle holder with a larger jaw. Tissue repair necessitates the use of this sort of needle holder. These needle holders are widely used to manipulate medium to coarse needles.

3. Olsen Hegar Needle Holder : Olsen hegar needle drivers are quite similar to mayo hegar needle holders. In the olsen needle holder, scissor blades are there that allow suture to be tied and cut with the same device. Suturing and cutting can be done using the same needle holder and scissors. Suture sizes of 3/0 and finer are recommended. These needle drives have built-in scissors and ratcheted-finger needle holders. Needles of intermediate weight are held in this style of holder.

4. Halsey needle holder : Surgical needles are guided and inserted with the use of Halsey Needle Holders, which are finger ring forceps. Straight Shafts Improve Surgical Visibility. The interior jaws of this small serrated needle holder include carbide cross-hatch patterns. During delicate surgical procedures, these needle holders are used to hold little suture needles.

5. Laparoscopic needle holder : Tungsten Carbide jaws are provided in Straight, Curved Right, and Curved Left designs for laparoscopic needle holders. For cleaning and sterilizing, these Needle Holders can be disassembled. It comes with an on/off ratchet and a lightweight, ergonomic handle. This Needle Holder is available as a whole or in parts.

6. Curved needle holder : When suturing easily accessible tissue with direct finger held manipulation, straight needles are employed. Curved needles with diameters ranging from 1/8 to 5/8 circle can be used for a variety of operations, including basic skin closure, cardiology, and ophthalmic procedures. Curved Mattress needles are another name for them. 

7. Arrugas needle holder : These Needle Holders are made to hold suturing needles in place during surgical procedures. This needle holder has a flat serrated handle that promotes gripping ability while reducing sliding. This instrument is also available in a straight or curved profile, allowing it to be used in a variety of surgical procedures.

8. Ryder needle holder : These Needle Holders are a ratcheted finger ring equipment with tiny jaws that is often used in cardiovascular, plastic, and neurosurgical procedures with very small suture needles.

9. Gillies needle holder : These Needle Holder combines a scissors and a needle holder to allow suturing and suture material cutting. Sutures ranging from 4-0 to 6-0 are compatible. For rapid suturing, the needle holder does not have a locking mechanism.

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