Neonatal Resuscitator

Neonatal Resuscitator

Neonatal resuscitation is a collection of procedures performed at the time of birth to help the baby's breathing and circulation get started. In an acutely unwell patient, resuscitation is the process of treating physiological abnormalities (like as absence of breathing or heartbeat). It's a crucial component of intensive care, trauma surgery, and emergency medicine. Fluid resuscitation and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation are two well-known examples. Warm the baby by putting him under a radiant heat source, place the head in a "smelling" posture to open the airway, clear the airway if needed with a bulb pump or suction catheter, wipe the baby, and stimulate breathing are the first stages in resuscitation.

Types of Neonatal Resuscitator

Self-inflating bags and suction devices are the two main types of neonatal resuscitation devices on the market. Positive pressure ventilation is provided by a self-inflating bag and mask.

  • Self-inflating bags- The self-inflating bag, as the name implies, inflates itself without the need of compressed gas. It is always inflated, ready to use, and portable because it does not rely on a compressed source for inflation. A typical emergency approach is to use neonatal self-inflating bags to generate good force breathing during infant resuscitation. A bag variable mask often known as an Ambu bag, is a portable device that delivers positive pressure ventilation to anyone who has insufficient or poor breathing. A self-inflating bag, one-way valve, mask, and oxygen reservoir are all included.
  • Suction devices- A pump is used to create a vacuum in suction devices. A pressure gradient is created by the vacuum, which permits fluid or other particles to be evacuated from the patient end and collected in a reservoir.  A suction apparatus is made up of a succession of tubes of different sizes. Mechanical hand pumps, as well as battery or electrically controlled mechanisms, can be used as suction devices.

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  • Ambu Resuscitator- During resuscitation, Ambu gives users excellent tactile and visual feedback. The bag is extremely sensitive and has very little mechanical resistance. Furthermore, the unique design achieves the best results in terms of stroke volume and backlash.
  • Flexicare Resuscitator- The Reusable Bag is made of high-quality materials that can withstand up to 50 autoclaving cycles. The available range, design, and performance characteristics are identical to the Single-Use. Oxygen supply at a higher level. On the Adult Bags, a hand band is available for complete control. A rough surface provides a secure grip. Hand fatigue is lessened by the light weight and quick recoil.
  • MCP Resuscitator- Liquid silicon substance that is 100 percent pure. Parts can be easily removed for complete cleaning and disinfection. It's completely safe and disposable. Bag has a low mechanical resistance and is highly sensitive. Cross-contamination hazards are completely eliminated.

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When should neonatal resuscitation be performed?
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What is infant t piece resuscitator?
Which is the Best Neonatal Resuscitator?
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