Ostomy Bags Description

An Ostomy bag is usually a small waterproof pouch that is used for collecting human excreta during a surgical process known as colostomy, an opening called a Stoma or ostomy is formed between the large intestine and abdominal wall.

Different types of Ostomy bags:

There are many types of ostomy bags, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of ostomy pouches available.

  • Colostomy bagColostomy bags are made up of plastic. It is also called bowel bag that is attached to your belly and is called ‘Stoma’. there are also different types of colostomy bags such as One-piece system colostomy bag, two-piece system colostomy bag, drainable colostomy bag, Mini colostomy bag.
  • Stoma bag: Stoma bag are also used for collecting human excreta during a surgical process known as colostomy. You will find different types of stoma bags for sale at Hospitals Store such as permanent stoma bag, concave stoma bags, drainable stoma ostomy bag, and more. Drainable stoma bag pouch with integrated large transparent, soft cloth on back spiral structure adhesive provides optimal adhesion and skin protection. Concave stoma bag makes the bag even more discrete and comfortable. Mini stoma bags come with no clips or clamps to lose. Low profile for discretion. 
  • Ileostomy bagAn Ileostomy bag is used when the patient goes through a major surgery called ileostomy surgery. An ileostomy bag collects digested waste from stoma (a hole in the belly that is connected to the small intestine). There are two different types of ileostomy (Loop ileostomy and end ileostomy) both use the same type of ileostomy pouch. Ileostomy bag is also known as ileostomy pouch. 

You can buy Ostomy bags online at Hospital Store at affordable prices.

Buy Ostomy Bags online from top Brands:

  • Romsons Colostomy bag:

Their Ostomy bag supplies include wide product range such as Romsons colostomy kit and Romsons Colostomy bag with features like hypo-allergic adhesive that prevents skin maceration, extra soft clinical grade PVC material.

  • Hollister Ostomy bags:

Hollister Ostomy supplies are gentle and comfortable to use. It has belt tabs. hollister ostomy bags are available in transparent or opaque variants.

  • Coloplast Ostomy bags:

The Coloplast Ostomy bags comes with double layered filter which reduces the incidents of ballooning. The Ostomy bag with filter is transparent in colour and 360 degree rotatable. Its transparent colour allows for an easy inspection of the stoma

  • Convatec Colostomy bag:

The convatec ostomy bags is a comprehensive product with latest skin barrier technologies. The plastic ring allows the convatec bag and skin barrier to snap together for audible security.

If Ostomy bag online shopping is on your mind, then look no further than Hospitals store to browse through the best brands like these.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Ostomy bags.

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Coloplast Peristeen Anal Plug Box of 20
Save 24%
4,900.00 3,742.00
Coloplast 17501 Alterna Free Close Colostomy Bag, Drainable
Save 24%
7,999.00 6,085.00
Coloplast 1902 LC 2000 ostomy Bag One-Piece Open Bag (Pack Of 10)
Save 32%
1,999.00 1,350.00
Coloplast 4720 Comfeel Barrier Cream 60 ml
Save 14%
920.00 790.00
1,900.00 1,746.00
Coloplast 10386 SenSura 2 Piece Maxi Transparent Ostomy Pouch 60 mm - Box of 10
Save 20%
3,621.00 2,890.00
Coloplast 12050 Brava Paste Alcohol Free 60 Grams
Save 30%
999.00 699.00
Coloplast 2655 Brava Ostomy Moldable Strip Paste Box of 10
Save 23%
1,300.00 1,000.00
3,000.00 2,897.00
Coloplast 17467 Alterna Open Transparent pediatric colostomy bag for Child - Box of 10
Save 31%
3,500.00 2,400.00
Romsons Colostomy Kit
Save 20%
249.00 199.00
In stock
Coloplast 4715 Comfeel Tissue Cleanser - Box of 30
Save 33%
1,100.00 736.00
Coloplast 14050 Mini Fistula & Wound Management System Box of 6
Save 26%
33,000.00 24,520.00
Coloplast 11855 Sensura Click 2 Piece urostomy bag
Save 26%
3,999.00 2,974.00
Coloplast 10366 SenSura 2 Piece Maxi Open Opaque Bag - Box of 10
Save 28%
3,999.00 2,897.44
Coloplast 10015/10025/10035/10045 SenSura XPRO Click 2 Pc Non Convex Ext. Wear Skin Barrier - Box of 5
Save 26%
2,900.00 2,154.00
Coloplast Bed Drainage Bag - 2000 ml Box of 10
Save 33%
9,000.00 6,038.00
Coloplast Assura 2 Piece Maxi Transparent Ostomy Pouch Box of 30
Save 27%
9,000.00 6,585.00
Coloplast 11045 Sensura Click XPRO Convex Light Extended Wear Skin Barrier 70 mm Box of 5
Save 25%
3,200.00 2,390.00
Coloplast 12061 Brava Lubricant Deodrant for Ostomy Pouches
Save 32%
1,299.00 885.00
Coloplast Filtrodor Ostomy Pouch Filter Box of 50
Save 27%
2,300.00 1,690.00
Coloplast 10387 SenSura Click Open Transparent Ostomy Bag Box of 10
Save 26%
3,900.00 2,890.00
Coloplast 1907 Ostomy Powder - 25 Grams
Save 32%
599.00 410.00
3,900.00 3,700.00
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