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OT Equipment

Description :- 

The equipment used in the operation theatre are Suction Machine, Anesthesiology Equipment,Surgical equipment and table, Sterilization, Surgical instrument & holloware and other small equipment also included.  


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OT Equipment

Suction Machine :-

Suction machines are appliances used to remove substances from the airway of a person such as blood, saliva, mucus, and vomit. A portable suction unit can prevent and facilitate breathing with pulmonary aspiration. Suction machine supplies include filters for bacteria, canisters for collection and tubing kits for aspirators. From our wide range of products from reputed manufacturers you can buy sction machine. 

Anesthesiology Equipment :-

Anesthesiology Equipment are Anesthesia Machine,Laryngoscope,Anesthesia Celling Pendant,Anesthesia Vapourizer and Anesthesia Gas Monitor (AGM).

Surgical Equipment and table :-

Surgical equipment are Electrosurgical cautery,C-Arm Machine,Surgical Microscope,Endosope,Surgeon handlamp,Surgical Pendant,Surgical laparoscope

Sterilization equipment :-

Fumigation Machine is an Sterilization equipment used in OT.