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Oxygen concentrator

Description : Oxygen Concentrator is a medical equipment /device which concentrates the Oxygen from the Air around us by removing the nitrogen and other gases . Concentrated Oxygen is delivered to the Patient through mask to imporve Oxygenation in the blood.  You Can Buy Oxygen Concentrator Online from Hospitalsstore .com . QWe offer oxygen concentrator lowest price and have wide range of products from top brands. 


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1.  Oxygen Concentrator Machine ?

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device used to supply oxygen to those who need it. People may need it if they have a condition that causes or results in low levels of oxygen in their blood. These oxygen concentrators are normally obtained by prescription and therefore can not be purchased via the counter. Oxygen concentrators are powered by connection to an electrical outlet or battery. If the concentrator is powered by an electric battery, the battery must be charged by plugging into an outlet. Several parts comprise a concentrator, including a compressor, a seven-bed filter and circuit boards.

An oxygen concentrator has a compressing element, but should not be confused with a compressed oxygen or oxygen tank. Whereas a tank has a fixed amount of oxygen it dispenses, a concentrator filters in the air, compresses it and delivers air continuously. The air supply never runs out. Instead of refilling the compressed air, the concentrator only needs power. Buy oxygen concentrator of wide brand from Lowest price of range of Oxygen Concentrator .

2. How Does Oxygen Concentrator Work ?

Similar to a windows air conditioner, an oxygen concentrate is active: it takes in air, modifies it and delivers it in a new form.An oxygen concentrator takes in the air and purifies it for use by people who need medical oxygen due to low levels of oxygen in their blood.It works by: taking air from its surroundings Compressing air, while the cooling mechanism prevents the concentrator from overheating Remove nitrogen from the air via filter and sieve beds Adjusting delivery settings with an electronic interface Providing purified oxygen via a nasal cannula or mask

oxygen concentrator works by:

  • Taking air from the surroundings
  • Compressing air while the cooling mechanism prevents the concentrate from overheating
  • Removal of nitrogen from the air by filter and sieve beds
  • Adjust delivery settings with an electronic interface
  • Deliver purified oxygen via a nasal cannula or mask.
3. Oxygen Concentrator Supplier, manufacturer and brands ?

These are the some of the top Oxygen concentrator brands available in the market . You can any one of these as per availability in your area .You can buy your Oxygen concentrator at online . Hospitals store provide all india service and free delivery.

  •  Philips Respro Healthcare.
  •  Respircare
  •  DeVilbiss Healthcare
  •  Yuwell Healthcare
  •  Longfian Scitech
  •  Konsung Medical
  •  Nidek Medical
  •  Inogen
  •  Airsep
  • Invacare
  • Dr. Diaz

4. How to use Oxygen Concentrator , Getting started with Oxygen Concentrator

5.Do you need a prescription for an oxygen concentrator ?

To purchase an oxygen concentratoryou do need a prescription from your doctor, stating your oxygen level. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) makes the rules about prescription sales, and at this time, oxygen concentrators are one of the medical devices for which the FDA requires a prescription.

6. What is oxygen concentrator used for ?

An oxygen concentrator is a medical grade device which is used to deliveroxygen to patients with breathing related disorders. .The oxygen concentrator is also equipped with special sieve beds and filters, and these will help to remove the Nitrogen from the air, in order to deliver fully purified oxygen to the patient.

7. Can Oxygen concentrators be harmful ?

Also, since the concentrator is using the air the room to purify oxygen, it canquickly deplete the oxygen in a small space. A falling oxygen cylinder can cause damage to the valve, releasing the pressure in the canister which may cause it to become a dangerous projectile.

8. What is  the cost of Oxygen Concentrator in India ?

Cost of Oxygen Concentrator in india will be range from (INR 30000 to 60000 ) & cost of Philips Oxygen Concentrator Range from ( INR 40000 to 70000).