What is Pacemaker?
A pacemaker is a small device that has been placed under the skin in the heart to help restore a normal heartbeat. It's used to help your heart beat more regularly, particularly if you have an irregular cardiac beat (arrhythmia). Implantation of  pacemaker in your chest, requires a surgical procedure.
Pacemaker of heart that is a small battery-powered device  provides mild electrical signals to the heart to make it more effective at a normal rhythm and pump. Pacemaker sends an electrical pulse to your heart if an abnormal heart beat such as low heart rate can be detected. The pulse stimulates your heart to beat more quickly and keeps it normal.


What are the types of pacemaker?
What a pacemaker does?
What are the best brands of pacemakers in India in December,2022 ?
What is the average cost of a pacemaker in India ?
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