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PCA Pump : Our product range includes a wide range of PCA Pump with models Neofuser L50 and L100 Single use PCA pump, Smith Medical CADD-Legacy PCA Pumps.

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Description For Patient-controlled analgesia(PCA) Pump.

Patient-controlled analgesia pump is used to treat acute, chronic, postoperative, and labor pain. A variety of medications can be used for patient-controlled analgesia and are administered intravenously (IV), through an epidural or peripheral nerve catheter, and transdermally. Portable pca pump outlines and reviews the role of the interprofessional team in managing patients who undergo patient-controlled analgesia.

Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA pump) has been utilized for pca pain management since 1971, with the first commercially available PCA pump appearing in 1976. The goal of PCA infusion pump is to efficiently deliver pain relief at a patient's preferred dose and schedule by allowing them to administer a predetermined bolus dose of medication on-demand at the press of a button. Each bolus can be administered alone or coupled with a background infusion of medication.patient controlled analgesia(PCA) infusion is used to treat acute, chronic, postoperative, and labor pain. These medications through pca pump can be administered intravenously, epidurally, through a peripheral nerve catheter, or transdermally. Drugs commonly administered are opioids and local anesthetics, but dissociatives or other analgesics are also options. patient controlled analgesia(PCA Pump) has proven to be more effective at pain control than non-patient opioid injections and results in higher patient satisfaction.

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Choose Patient Controlled Analgesia Online From Best Brands Available:

Fresenius kabi pca pump:

  • Flow rate range: 1-1200 ml/h in normal mode (1ml/h increment).
  • 0.1 - 99.9 ml/h in micro mode (0.1 ml/h increment). Flow rate can be limited according to drug name (soft and hard limits) with Vigilant®, the IV Medication Safety Solution
  • Flow rate accuracy: + / -5% and even better in most clinical situations.
  • 5 setting modes are available: ml/h only (if optional drop sensor is used), Volume / Time with automatic calculation of the flow rate, Volume + Flow rate, Flow rate + Time, combination of Volume + Time + Rate.
  • OCS patent: The Occlusivity Check System is the only auto-test to check the good working order of the pump in association with its set and thus preventing risk of free-flow.
  • Bolus: 1200 ml/h, adjustable from 50 ml/h to 1200ml/h by 50 ml/h increments.

B Braun pca pump: B Braun Compact Plus infusion pump is the new generation portable pca pump of simplesafe and robust pumps that addresses the core requirements of modern infusion therapy integrating the latest technological advances at an unmatched economical value.

The complexity of pca infusion pump therapy increased over the past years and increases the need of staff training but also make operating errors more likely – resulting in negative effects for the patient safety.

In contrast, the b braun compact plus infusion pump comes with an intuitive user interface on a large and bright colour display. Pictures on the operating interface of system and the colour codes and shapes of this b braun infusion pump system guide the user while loading the pump quickly and safely.

Simtek Medical PCA pump

  •  Convenience of Front Loading
  •  Utility of Stacking
  •  Drug Library
  •  Allows at a Glance Visualization of Drug Names, Volume Infused, Infusion Time & Flow
  •  Rate On LCD / LED Displays
  •  Body Weight Rate Calculation 
  •  Bolus with Safety Time Lock
  •  Adjustable Target Volume With Pre alarm
  •  Programmable to Accept Any Brand of Syringe 
  • Automatic Rate Calculation with Volume and Time Limit
  •  Upgradable to Double Loop PCA (Optional)
  •  Impact Resistant Strong Cabinet to Protect the Equipment During Accidental Mechanical Impact

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Neofuser Infusion Pump

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Neofuser Infusion Pump

Neofuser Infusion Pump

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  Smith Medical CADD-Legacy® PCA Pump - MODEL 6300

Smith Medical CADD-Legacy® PCA Pump - MODEL 6300

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