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A phosphor plate scanner is a unique machine and type of x-ray imagine machine. That can help doctors and scientists produce high-resolution images of objects by detecting the scattered x-rays from phosphor plates. The dental psp scanner is considered to be less invasive and more accurate than other types of scanners. While phosphor plate scanning is similar to x-ray imaging, it differs in the way that it is used. Unlike traditional x-ray imaging, the phosphor plate scanner can produce high-resolution images of objects by detecting the scattered x-rays from phosphor plates.

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  • Carestream CS 7600 Phosphor Plate Scanner:  This Phosphor plate scanner is a premium quality dental PSP scanner from Carestream. That come with the superb features such as outstanding image resolution, amazingly fast results, fully automated and secured workflow, compact unit can be used chairside or centrally, and more.
  • Cruxell Cruxcan PSP Scanner: With the best reviews for high-quality phosphor plate scanner, support stand-alone mode with built-in memory & multiple user practice, crux view with a wide range of options, flexible and soft image plates for patient comfort, and many more.

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