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Phototherapy Machine Description:

Phototherapy is the use of a specific type of light to cure a condition (not sunlight). It's occasionally used to treat neonatal jaundice by decreasing bilirubin levels in your baby's blood through a photo-oxidation process. Jaundice undergoes photo-oxidation, which adds oxygen to it and allows it to dissolve readily in water. This makes it easier for your baby's liver to break down bilirubin in their blood and eliminate it.

During treatments, the skin is subjected to a specific form of light that is delivered by a medical instrument known as a phototherapy unit. Hand-held and table-top devices for spot treatment of tiny regions to cabinets or "walk-in" units for patients requiring complete body therapy are available.

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Types of Phototherapy Machine:

There are three types of phototherapy equipment for neonatal jaundice, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of phototherapy machines available.

1. First Generation Phototherapy Device: Fluorescent lights are the most widely utilised lamps in this equipment. Although these lamps are inexpensive and accessible, their light output and intensity will deteriorate over time. LED bulbs are now favoured over other types of lamps in phototherapy systems.

  • They have narrower bandwidth.
  • They generate less heat, but the light intensity is stronger, therefore the lamps are placed closer to the neonates and have a bigger influence on jaundice.
  • These lights are compact, light in weight, non-fragile, and consume little energy.
  • The light stability of these lamps is excellent for long-term use and does not diminish in intensity. It should be mentioned that the baby's eyes and genitals should be properly protected during this sort of phototherapy. Because various regions of the baby's body are susceptible to the device's radiation.

2. Second Generation Phototherapy Device (Fiber-optic): Fiber-optic neonatal jaundice treatment phototherapy is a novel method that uses optical fibres to cure newborn jaundice. The light source in this gadget is a quartz halogen lamp that generates light that travels via the optical fibre to the pads.

Because the body absorbs some of the radiation, this device has low power and spectrum radiation. It does, however, have several features that make it more suited than first-generation phototherapy.

  • Treatment and baby care without separation from the mother
  • Due to direct light transmission to the baby's body, there is no retina injury or consequences such as inflammation, corneal or eye discomfort, etc.

3. Third Generation Phototherapy Device: Under the settings indicated above, both first-generation and second-generation (fibre-optic) devices are employed simultaneously in this type of phototherapy. This phototherapy system has two components: a first-generation device and a fiber-optic device. Phototherapy devices of this type are more typically employed in situations of severe newborn jaundice.

Phototherapy Machine Working Principle:

Newborn jaundice light therapy is a sort of light-based treatment. It can be used to treat neonatal jaundice by reducing bilirubin levels in the blood through a process called photo-oxidation. The bilirubin undergoes photo-oxidation, which adds oxygen to it and allows it to dissolve quickly in water.

Phototherapy systems irradiate the newborn with blue light ranging from 420 to 500 nm to cure hyperbilirubinemia. The bilirubin in the blood is oxidised by this light, resulting in chemicals that may be excreted.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Phototherapy machine for newborn.

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44,876.16 44,520.00
S.S Technomed Phototherapy Unit Double Surface with 15 LED
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Meditrin LED Phototherapy For Neonatal (High End), 36 LED
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Meditrin LED Phototherapy Machine For NICU
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Doctroid India LED Phototherapy Machine With Timer (Bilicure Smart)
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SS Technomed Sunshine Phototherapy Machine/Unit For Neonatal Jaundice
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Doctroid  Bilicure Smart UN Under Surface LED Photo Therapy  Without Trolley, Choose Model : Doctroid  Bilicure Smart UN Under Surface LED Photo Therapy  Without Trolley
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S.S. Technomed Sunshine Phototherapy Unit, Single Surface
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NIDO Phototherapy EYE Mask (1 Box of 50 No.)
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S.S. Technomed CFL Double Surface Phototherapy Unit
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Hygeia 503DTL LED Phototherapy Machine, Double Surface
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AC input voltage120-240 V
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LED Phototherapy Machine For Newborn, Under Surface
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Doctroid LED Phototherapy Machine, Single Surface With Trolley
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Doctroid Bilicure LED Phototherapy Machine (Upper Surface) without trolley
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29,917.44 25,643.52
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