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Physiotherapy Equipment Description:

Physiotherapy equipments are used in body pain management. This category includes physiotherapy machines, ift machines, physiotherapy ultrasound machines, traction physiotherapy machines etc. These machines and instruments are used to relieve pain, reduce muscular spasms, enhance blood flow in specific areas, and increase the range of motion in constricted joints utilising heat and stretching techniques.

List of Physiotherapy Equipment:

The physiotherapy equipment list is given below:

  • Physiotherapy Machine: Physiotherapy machines are very useful for pain relief. These machines are also known as electrotherapy machines. 
  • IFT Physiotherapy Machine: Interferential treatment (IFT) is a pain-relieving technique used frequently in physiotherapy. The development of endogenous opioids such as endorphins and enkephalins is thought to be the source of pain alleviation.
  • Physiotherapy Ultrasound Machine: These are called ultrasonic machines for physiotherapy as well. Ultrasound is frequently utilised to produce deep warmth to the body's soft tissue structures.
  • Muscle Stimulator Machine: A muscle stimulator machine for physiotherapy is also known as Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) machine. This machine uses electrical impulses to keep muscles strong.

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Physiotherapy equipment.

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