Portable ECG machine: advantage and disadvantage and How Does a Portable ECG Machine Differ From a Hospital ECG Machine?


What is a Portable ECG machine ?

A Portable ecg machine or hospital ecg machine, also known as an electrocardiograph, is a medical device used to record the electrical activity of the heart. With time, Improvements in electronic sensor technology have made it possible for heart wave recordings to be made with portable ecg. This transition towards home ecg machine is being driven by several factors, including an increase in outpatient care and the development of portable that can be used outside a hospital setting. This transition has spawned a new category of ecg machines, the hospital to Portable ECG machines.  

In the market, portable ECG machines are available in different in design like some are compatible with smartphone while some are A standalone gadget that comes with built-in both chest and finger electrodes, recording storage which makes it more user-friendly. 
Portable EKG Machine are designed to be used at home, used by paramedics in the field. Portable ecg machines are lightweight, battery operated device which detects heart rhythms and records them on a SD card. It is also capable of sending the recorded data to a remote server for analysis. 

Advantage of Portable ECG Machine :

A portable ecg machine is often used to diagnose heart problems and help ensure that patients receive the best possible care at home or on the go. Portable ecg machines are easy to transport and can be set up quickly in a small area. They are also relatively affordable, making them a valuable tool for patients and cardiac labs. It is important for people who have heart problems to keep track of their health and seek help from a healthcare professional if they experience any major changes in their condition. Portable ecg machines can help make this process easier by providing quick, accurate diagnoses. There are some major advantage of Portable ecg machine:

1. Measure heart Rate Out of hospitals such as Home, Public Place, Offices, Sports center:  

The Portable ECG Machine is a lightweight and easy-to-carry device that measures heart rate. It can be used out of hospitals, such as at home, in public places, in offices, or at sports centers. This machine is perfect for people who are concerned about their heart health and want to keep track of their heart rate. With a Portable ECG machine, you can get immediate feedback on your heart health. Plus, you can send the ECG reports directly to experts for interpretation, so you can get help fast.

2. Diagnose and treat many heart conditions :

A portable ecg machine is a life-saving medical device that can be used to diagnose many heart conditions, such as :

  • Irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lightheadedness
  • Coronary artery disease

Disadvantage of Portable ECG Machine :

Less information 

Handheld ECG devices have minimal information to conventional ECG Machine.


Portable ECG machines are a convenient way to check your heart health on the go, but concerns about their accuracy and reliability that "How accurate are portable ECG machines?" is the biggest question.

Since Portable ECG machine one or many leads, or nodes placed on your body your electrical signals from your heart, but not as well, as the ECG used in physician offices because hospital-grade ECGs, on the other hand, display about 12 leads, which makes their monitoring more accurate. With a branded and FDA Portable ECG Machine,  you can get a clear and more accurate reading of your heart.

How do you take a more accurate reading with a Portable ECG Machine ?

Here are some tips to take accurate readings from a portable ECG Machine :

  • Don't use if you're sweating or have a moisture-rich skin. Dry your skin before using a portable ECG machine for reading.
  • Make sure all cables are connected correctly.
  • Make sure there is no object between the electrodes and your skin.
  • Pay attention to the patient and device to make sure they are still during reading taking process.
  • Don't take a reading immediately after exercise and physical activity.
  • If your portable ecg machine is battery operated, then make sure it has full Battery capacity.
  • Clean ECG electrode slices and the skin below them with alcohol before taking readings. 
  • Follow Manufacturer Guides

Point to consider before buy a Portable ECG Machine :

Before purchasing a portable ECG machine, there are a few factors you should take into account in order to ensure that you are buying the best product for your needs.

1. Always choose a well known Branded Portable ECG machine.

2. Portable ECG machine should have  FDA or CE certificate.

3. Display and Mobile connectivity - Make sure your selected portable ECG machine have a display to trace ECG waveform. If in any case there is display, then make that portable ECG is smartphone compatible, so you can connect it to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and can see all ECG reading on your smartphone.

4. An in built Battery with high performance.

5. Recording Storage of record your ecg data

Best Portable ECG Machine in 2022 :

Here we are listing some best branded portable ecg machine, available in the Indian market. You can buy online your portable ECG machine at Hospitalsstore.com. 

List of the best portable ecg machine :

What is the difference between a portable ECG machine and a hospital ECG machine?

Both Hospital and portable ECG machine are used to measure the electrical activity of the heart. This information is then used to create an electrocardiogram, which is a graphic representation of the heart's activity. ECG machines are important tools for diagnosing heart conditions. There  are some difference between clinical and portable ecg machine.

Portable ECG MachineHospital ECG Machine
Portable ECG machine contains inbuilt sensors and 1-2 leads.Clinical or hospital-grade ECG machines Contains leads, wires, electrodes.
Comparably less Accurate More Accurate
provides limited information Give More information about hearts
Light in Weight, so easy to carry.Little heavy.
Portable ecg machines are low cost ecg machine.Hospital ecg machine are high in price.
Some Portable devices Contain inbuilt small display and some Doesn't (to trace ECG reporting you connect them with smartphone)Generally contains display.
Conclusion :

In conclusion, portable ECG machines have both advantages and disadvantages. They are smaller and easier to use than hospital ECG machines, but they may not be as accurate. Before purchasing a portable ECG machine, be sure to research which models are the most accurate.


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