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A pulse oximeter is a device created for the non-invasive measurement of arterial blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The pulse oximeter, which is used for assess the oxygen status of patients in a variety of medical settings, has become a gradually more common piece of monitoring apparatus. It gives continuous, non-invasive observation of oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood. Its results are efficient with each pulse wave. It is considered to be a painless, general indicator of oxygen delivery to the peripheral tissues such as the finger, nose or earlobe.

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Disposable and accessories of Pulse Oximeter:
Masimo Pulse Oximeter, Rad97
Franco de port
Réduction 18%
En stock
95,000.00 78,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
En stock
28,492.80 19,389.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)125mm X 60mm X 30mm Product Weight0.195Kg Screen Size 2.8Inch AC input voltage110 - 240 V
En stock
55,560.00 52,000.00
(Taxe incluse)
En stock
2,800.00 2,071.00
(Taxe incluse)
Contec Pulse Oximeter Table Top CMS70A
Réduction 35%
En stock
25,000.00 16,200.00
(Taxe incluse)
Nellcor  SpO2 Pulse Oximeter  Bedside, PM100N
Réduction 15%
En stock
84,000.00 71,100.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Weight1.5Kg AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Contec Pulse Oximeter Handheld, CMS-60D
Réduction 48%
En stock
22,000.00 11,500.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)92mm X 82mm X 22mm Product Weight0.136Kg Screen Size 1.8Inch
BPL Pulse Oximeter CLEO Plus
Réduction 22%
En stock
56,986.00 44,520.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)235 X 174 X 140 mm Product Weight2.5Kg Screen Size 7Inch
Contec  Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, CMS50D
Réduction 56%
En stock
6,839.00 3,024.00
(Taxe incluse)
En stock
[Nous contacter pour un prix]
Colorwhite,blue Product Dimension (mm)253mm x 123mm x 104mm Product Weight0.9Kg
En stock
37,616.00 33,806.00
(Taxe incluse)
Nidek Fingertip Pulse Oximeter-6500
Réduction 33%
En stock
2,699.00 1,800.00
(Taxe incluse)
Colorwhite AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Niscomed Pulse Oximeter FPO91, Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Réduction 63%
En stock
4,274.00 1,567.00
(Taxe incluse)
En stock
40,000.00 39,800.00
(Taxe incluse)
En stock
35,616.00 33,806.00
(Taxe incluse)
BPL Pulse Oximeter with Nellcor SpO2
Réduction 16%
En stock
66,958.00 56,558.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)285 mm x 230 mm x 100 mm Product Weight1.47Kg Screen Size 7Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Choicemmed Pulse Oximeter, MD2000A1 (Spo2)
Réduction 36%
En stock
45,588.00 29,198.00
(Taxe incluse)
Niscomed Pediatric Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Réduction 46%
En stock
6,411.00 3,446.00
(Taxe incluse)
BPL Pulse Oximeter with Digital SpO2
Réduction 23%
En stock
35,616.00 27,496.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)285 mm x 230 mm x 100 mm Product Weight1.47Kg AC input voltage100- 240 V
Creative Medical pc - 60f fingertip pulse oximeter
Réduction 32%
En stock
2,650.00 1,800.00
(Taxe incluse)
General Meditech Pulse Oximeter Handheld,  G1B
Réduction 33%
En stock
28,849.00 19,233.00
(Taxe incluse)
JZIKI JZK-301 Pulse Oximeter  (Blue)
Réduction 53%
En stock
1,680.00 784.00
(Taxe incluse)
Doctroid Handheld Pulse Oximeter 410- A
Réduction 14%
En stock
16,953.00 14,531.00
(Taxe incluse)
Product Dimension (mm)150mm x 84mm x 33mm Screen Size 2.8Inch
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