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Choicemmed is a leading Pulse Oximeter manufacturer, providing a wide range of Pulse Oximeter & related products to meet your diverse need medical equipment and supplies. 

Hospitals Store offers Pulse Oximeter from ChoiceMMed company at lowest price. We provide 100% genuine and branded products from ChoiceMMed that comes in original manufacture packing.

Choicemmed Pulse Oximeter:-

Pulse oximeter is a small medical equipment used to measure blood oxygen saturation( Spo2 level) and heart rate ( PR reading) of the someone.Pulse oxymetry  normal values  for oxygen level are 95% to 100%  and normal heart rate reading is 70 BPM - 100 bpm.Pulse oximeter readings are shown on display of device.

ChoiceMMed is a reputable medical equipment manufacturer company that offers trustworthy products and services to its consumers. Pulse Oximeter from ChoiceMMed is one of the most selling brand in this category. Over the years, ChoiceMMed has given new reliable medical products and dependable services that have resulted in more effective healthcare delivery with a dedication to improving accuracy and accessibility through improved data analysis. Company is dedicated to improving and saving patients' lives through high-quality, innovative medical devices and services. They are a global leader in the production of specialty medical devices that provide innovative and lifesaving solutions to the world's healthcare markets. Choicemmed Pulse Oximeter are found in hospital, clinics etc. Their high quality Pulse Oximeter ensures the safety and efficacy of treatment for patients. They are the one of the best choice of hospitals, clinics, Doctors across the country due to their high product performance standards. Choicemmed is built to the highest industry standards of quality, dependability, and durability, and they come with comprehensive service and support programmed to keep them running at peak performance. 

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Product Dimension (mm)125mm X 60mm X 30mm Product Weight0.195Kg Screen Size 2.8Inch AC input voltage110 - 240 V
Choicemmed Pulse Oximeter Model : MD2000A
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Choicemmed Pulse Oximeter, MD2000A1 (Spo2)
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